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Presentation template in PowerPoint (PPT) format with 3 master slides: Title Master, Slide Master, and Print Master.
This medical PowerPoint template with ultrasound machine will fit presentations on ultrasound examination, ultrasound study, ultrasonography, echographia, prenatal diagnostics, etc.

In the UK, you can visit the public health service's NHS Direct site for "a comprehensive on-line health encyclopaedia".
Includes 3 or more pre-created palettes and contains17 additional slides with pre-created shapes, tables, charts, diagrams.
The Ultrasound FlashCard program is a program that allows you to practice test questions on a computer to help you prepare for the ARDMS computerized examinations.

Ultrasound Flashcards is the only computerized flashcards for ARDMS Review available, and it was written by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer who had just taken and passed the general boards in early 2007.

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