Expstudio Audio Editor Free is a program that allows you to edit your audio files in a simple, easy and intuitive way.
Expstudio Audio Editor Free provides you with a vast variety of different tools, filteres and other interesting features. Apart from these features, Expstudio Audio Editor Free allows you to record sound from various sources such as microphones, CDs and DVDs, as well as to aplly various filters and effects, such as echo, slowdown, vibrations, lagger, volume modifications, and so on. Working with the program resembles editing text files - all you have to do is to pick up a chosen part of a music track and then edit it any way you want to.

It is worth noticing that the program allow to change the voice from male to female (and the other way round).
You can write annotations, add text, change the text (correct spelling errors) or delete words completely. Using the tools included, you can move and zoom the text and pictures and you can edit text blocks, insert text, empty lines or change the line breaks freely, just like a text editor or word processor. Now you can also add or delete pictures and vector graphics and add text in any font you want!

Some features that caught my attention in this version are: a better selection of vector objects with the pointer, page tools like "Crop" or "Scan new page", the"brush" vector tool, export as text file, preview of the texts in the document for the function "Add text", support of all unicode characters with the function "Add text as vector object", the bookmarks are no longer lost when you combine multiple documents and much more.

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