In many religions, angels are considered as the supernatural beings created by God to act as messengers of the God. In Catholicism, people believed that the angles are spiritual beings and God created them for protection of humans on the earth. Some angles are not visible, some angles fly in the sky, some are lost in fire and some angles may vanish.
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Some people supposed that the angles are beings having wings, very beautiful, great figure, fly in the sky and some times come on earth as human for a very short time by her own wish. Some people put angel tattoo on their body parts because there love one is not with them for some time. Females mostly like to design these tattoos on their abdomen, upper back or on the shoulders.
Angel is also known as a€?angel of the Lorda€? or a€?the Holy onesa€? or a€?angel of Goda€?.

Angels are good angles known as Gabriel, as well as bad angles called as Michael also exists.

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