40+ awesome filters and effects: Instant preview of all effects, chaining of multiple effects, intuitive photo editor.
Fun stickers, easily edit by fingers and you can rotate, move and zoom by fingers, instantly apply basic filters.
APK Icon Editor to darmowa aplikacja, ktorej zadaniem jest edycja pakietow APK aplikacji na Androida. APK Icon Editor jest banalnie prosty w obsludze, sam dostosowuje rozmiar wrzuconego przez nas obrazka do wymogow konkretnej ikony. InstaShot - Apresentado pelo Google PlayMelhor editor de fotos e videos para o Instagram e redes sociais! WavePad Free works within audio waveforms to make selections for quick editing, such as inserting sound from other files, or apply sound effects like the high pass filter to clarify audio quality.

This free sound editor is Ideal for journalists and other professionals who need to recordings on the go. Record, edit, and add effects, then send audio to yourself or others to share or continuing editing on another device.
WavePad Free makes it easy to edit, store, or send recordings so they are readily available wherever they are needed. WavePad Free allows you to record voice or music, then edit the recording and add sound effects, clean up background noise and more to achieve high quality audio recordings.
Apply a number of amazing editing effects, filters, cute and naughty stickers, text formats, and many more features to your photos. Ciekawa opcja jest przesylanie z poziomu programu naszego pakietu bezposrednio na Dysk Google, konto Dropbox czy OneDrive.

Que tal gravar videos separados, juntar as partes e ainda adicionar trilha sonora que mais combina com sua personalidade e compartilhar com amigos nas redes sociais? Create Effects like Photo Negative, Black & White, Sketch effects, Neon Effects, Mirror effects, Oil Paint, Sun Burn, Old Photos, Multiple Sepia Color effects and Round Corner. E possivel criar um mosaico de videos, slideshow com fotos, montar videos com efeitos de transicao (Fade, CrossFade, Flip X etc), compactar videos de longa duracao, efeitos de transicao slow e fast motion e tudo isso com uma interface toda em Portugues, recursos facilmente identificados com os simbolos e as descricoes explicativas.Ao final de cada edicao, salve o resultado e compartilhe nas redes sociais com seus amigos.

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