With the release of Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3, I've grown to love picture frames even more. Use these free clip art images for your collections, school projects, website art and more. Check out this collection of new frames that are available as free downloads from the Digital Photography Media Gallery. This latest version of Paint Shop Pro comes with an additional Project Creator that lets you create calendars, greeting cards, and other items from your digital photos and images. If you can't find the clipart your looking for then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help. So, you can use Paint Shop Pro to edit a photo, add a picture frame (as well as other embellishments) to it, and then drop that final result right into a personalized calendar or photo book.

While there are several default picture frames that come bundled with the Paint Shop Pro package, it's still fun to create your own or to download free frames that were designed by others. For those that like to collect designs, we have several free picture frames available in the Digital Photography Media Gallery and we plan to keep adding to this collection. Here is a sampling of the free frames you can download along with links to the download page. If you're not sure how to get Paint Shop Pro to recognize these new frames, refer to Adding Picture Frames to Paint Shop Pro for more details. Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. Drawing created with Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics editing program; composed of paths connected by points, commonly used for logos and print media.

Since Illustrator image files are saved in a vector format, they can be enlarged without losing any image quality. EPS files are supported by several different drawing programs and vector graphic editing applications such as Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.

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