To the Chinese, the Imperial Dragon or Lung, is considered to be the primary of four benevolent spiritual animals, the other three being the phoenix, the unicorn and the tortoise. Having unrivaled wizdom and power the dragon symbolized the Emperors of China themselves, who were actually called dragons. To distinguish the chinese imperial dragon from all other dragons, only the Imprial Dragon bore five claws. Scales: Carp (fish) 117 scales total - 81 infused with yang, the good, and 36 infused with yin the bad. The Nagas were dragonlike beings, semi-devine snakes with human faces and serpents' tails who occupy palaces (Patala), in the watery region under the earth.
They are divided into four classes: heavenly, divine, earthly, and hidden, depending upon their function in guarding the heavenly palace, giving rainfall, draning rivers, or guarding treasures.
In Burma, the Nagas combine elements of the dragon, snake, and crocodile, and give rubies to those they favor; in addition, they guarded and protected royalty.
In Crimson Dragon, Grounding’s upcoming on-rails shooter for Kinect, you can play as three different dragons. And then there’s Snow Wing, the easy-to-handle dragon with lower attack power, but greater agility.

I mean releasing distinctly Japanese style games on the Xbox worked so well for Vesperia, Last Remnant, InFinite Undiscovery, Death Smiles, Otemodius Excellent and a few others….amirite?
Way to single me out when I was the 2nd person to say something less than worshipful about this game. Mech4life follows me from article to article and obviously website to website and singles me out no matter who else says a word against his fave console. Everyones not going to be able to get along…thats the nature of life and people with differing opinions. Due to his hit and run posting style its likely arguments will be short lived although he will likely often take a jab and never respond afterwards in many future threads. I am not the least bit sorry for being an individual but I am sorry that the poor chap has fixated on me. Actually not too long ago I didn’t really care for the smup genre but Deathsmiles with its character and artistic design in general got me interested in the game through that interested in the genre. The Chinese Emperor sat on a dragon throne, rode in a dragon boat and slept in a dragon bed.
Deathsmiles sold way beyond Cave’s expectations, as did the sequel (which was released in the US a digital downloadable-onlytitle).

Infinite Undiscovery also sold decent in the states (if performed better than White Knight Chronicles did) as did Vesperia.
Whether it be here on Gematsu or over at IGN, all you ever do is bitch that 360 has no exclusives, then have the audacity to bitch and complain about how some Japanese developers forsaking their brethren Sony for choosing to develop for 360. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without acknowledgment of Gematsu is prohibited. Remanant and Otomedius are mediocre games, so I don’t even know why you brought them into your argument other than to troll more.
You even have the nerve to complain on this site that Sal does too much 360 coverage and not enough Sony (despite more than half the articles on the homepage to the site being Sony related).

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