I understand why that would be, the latest version makes Salander a little more 'sociable' and the latest film 'slickens' up the story a little, to get all the neccessary points in, without having to be a 4hour film. Will be interesting to see if they remake the others too, which is what the trilogy cries out for.
Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara do a good job of portraying the main characters, fans of the series will snigger and huff in places where they know whats coming, and keep an eye out for Alan Dale, yes thats right, Jim from bloody 'Neighbours'..

Mark Kermode says American version no better so waht the point, some other critics have said it is! I guess I can watch the original ones after, but if recent hollywood remakes are anything to go by then the original should be better?
I loved the Swedish versions and watched those after reading books, stil thought they were great.

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