Choose from the strikingly colorful dragonfly tattoos that are presented in this site as they will definitely suit your artistic temperament.
In Japan the animal symbolizes happiness, victory and success and a legend talks of how a dragonfly ate the horsefly that bit the Emperor who was so happy that he gave Japan its early name a€?Aikitsushimaa€™ meaning a€?Island of the Dragonfliesa€™. It is no wonder then that dragonfly tattoos are so popular around the world when they have this rich mythical history to draw upon.
For anyone who wishes to show their fascination or love for these insects, tattoos are the perfect means for achieving this. The dragonfly leaves us fascinated with its beautiful long wings, large multifaceted eyes and an stretched body.
Check out some serene Dragonfly tattoos that will add a calmness to your life for a while and also makes you the beauty of this tiny creature. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Butterfly Tattoos, Gemini Tattoos, Star Tattoo Designs, and Fairy Tattoos. I don’t like the dragonfly at all, but thanks to these images for I feel a sense of like for them.
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Some bearers prefer to be splashed with color vis a vis their dragonfly tattoos while others like the simplistic, line drawing-starkness of black imagery.

Dragonflies are indeed a magical and special creature that have wowed the populace of the globe for thousands of years. People go for Dragonfly tattoos not only because of its beauty but also because of the symbolism of Dragonfly.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. They are also related to the element of water, and like any water being, they symbolize the dreaming or the subconscious mind. In the US colonies, many asserted that dragonflies were the a€?Devila€™s Dining Needlea€™ because they suffocated people while they slept by sewing their mouths shut.
Ordinarily, these designs will be depicted from the top down so that the whole body of the insect can be displayed. A dragonfly symbolizes Maturity, positive forces, power of life, good luck, prosperity, speed, peace, purity and harmony.
In occult and spiritual doctrines, the dragonfly stands between the mundane and the mystical worlds.
Zuni tribals had a myth about a boy child building a dragonfly doll to amuse his sister during the failure of their villagea€™s corn crop. There is also a relationship with fairies and mythical creatures here, with hybrid designs incorporating these elements.

The flight of the dragonfly is linked with the fluttering of semiconscious thoughts that occur within us all the time.
The animal somehow came to life which pleased the corn gods who then rewarded the boy and his fellow villagers with a good harvest. It is no accident that once upon a time dragonflies were thought to be incarnations of fairies in certain cultures around the world. It kinda freaked me out because it was larger than usual and even when I tried to shoo it away it would not leave. Having such a rich symbolic significance, the dragonfly is an immensely popular tattoo symbol. Dragonfly tattoos are sometimes combined with other images as well, such as flowers or stars to carry additional meanings.

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