Dragonfly Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery was established in 2008 by Painter and Tattoo Artist Michael Hilliges and Sandy Wienholt. Customer service is key for our studio from the concept or idea right to the completed piece and on-going aftercare.
To inspire you we offer a range of designs and reference material, as well as internet access.
Dragonfly Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery is Local Authority registered and we work under strictest code of hygiene. In addition we exhibit artwork such as drawings and paintings done by the artist Michael Hilliges.
For any questions please feel free to call our studio or email us, we do not however give any quotes on tattoos over the phone! We cover all aspects of tattooing , from flash work and old school tattoos to vibrant, colorful designs such as fantasy art, flowers, Japanese koi etc.

If you are unable to find a picture of your choice from the internet or in our tattoo studio in Coventry, you are welcome to bring in your own design or a rough sketch for a consultation with one of our resident artists, headed by Martin, manager and senior tattoo artist. In most cases we can remove the need for painful and expensive laser removal treatment, as we specialize in all aspects of repair work, rejuvenation work and, in particular cover ups.
We will work with you to ensure you find the right tattoo for you, whether it is a small change of a design you like or own creations. We are a fully health registered establishment, with the highest level of hygiene, comparable to any surgical environment. Through to beautiful, dramatic grey-shaded pieces such as angelic scenes or the art work seen on premiership footballers.
Our staff are friendly and approachable and are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our custom work varies from translating clients ideas into custom tattoos to covering unwanted or old tattoos.

If you do have any enquiries regarding artwork just pop in to have a chat or contact us via email or phone.
Consultations are necessary, as we have to ensure correct sizing, positioning, color etc, of your tattoo. Please note anything we have drawn in the studio remains in the studio, unless it is tattooed on you.

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