Celtic dragon tattoo designs are just one of the very intricate dragon tattoos, because of its own legendary ardent eyes, dragon breath, and its sharp pointed tooth. According to the Celts history, they believed that dragons were creatures poses special powers, magical skills, and healing abilities. Furthermore, Celts believed that dragons were wingless, appearing as water or worms -serpents. Celtic art regularly describes dragons consuming their tail, forming a circle reminiscent of the never-ending knot. The Celts believed that The Fire that breathed by Green Dragon posed the magical power of purifying and giving new life or reborn to anyone. The red dragon symbolizes the ferocious natural forces and often lived deep inside the ground or sea. Let’s go back to the primeval times of the Irish legends where the dragons were mentioned in their stories that are medieval. They act as defenders of knowledge and wisdom, possessing the ability of prophecy as well as excellent eyesight.

A red guardian dragon is a symbol for over several thousand years, and the red dragon forms featured greatly in late heroic tales, particularly those of Merlin’s exploits. But, the Celts believed dragons looks were somehow a little similar to the water serpents or worms.
Dragon tattoos possess the attributes that they may be connected with other tattoo designs like tribal art. Dragons protected treasures and the gates that connected to other worlds such as heavens and spiritual world. Following the rising of Christianity in Celtic culture, the dragon was considered as the symbols of anger and chaos. In the secular world of warriors and Celtic leaders, dragons are only symbols of the chief’s energy. Everyone has myths and different thoughts seeing just what a Dragon is, due to the many mythological narratives, which has brought the dragon now to the entire world of cartoons.
In the Saxons, who have been incarnated by the white dragon, the red dragon was the powerful guardian of the Welsh in the myth.

Fire is represented by Dragons and, therefore, are thought to be bad too due to the organization with snakes and serpents.
The legend was that the red dragon brought peace to the land, by hauling the white dragon to the powerful ocean.
Nevertheless, for the Chinese it symbolizes knowledge, their wisdom, and surrealistic beauty.
Whereas, The Welsh Prince still uses the red dragon in the coat of arms in a war that is symbolized by the entire myth.

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