In ancient Japanese culture, these dragons were considered a sign of great power and it was believed that the dragons were descendents of the Gods. They get them because they represent power and might and sometimes they get them just because they look very cool. And that Japanese emperors were born of the dragon and thus had some god like powers in themselves as well. But, what many people don’t realize is that the dragon tattoo means different things in different cultures. These dragons are always a bit more detailed and more animal like than monster like, I think.

But then most every ancient culture in the world had some ancient leaders who believed themselves to be at least part God, or at least that is what they claimed and they would try to convince the people of it. When it comes to a japanese dragon tattoo, they have many different meanings to them and their meaning really depends highly on how they are depicted. I like the japanese dragon tattoo simply because I find the depictions of the dragons to be very interesting.
The one shown here, because it shows its claws and has flames around and behind it, stands for power above all us. This is great for people with a hectic life because all they have to do is look at their tattoo and they can find balance.

The Chinese believe dragon tattoos symbolize wisdom and good will, which is how the ancient Chinese saw their dragons as.
In ancient Celtic times, they would depict dragons sitting on thrones, which represented how much power they had obtained.
However, the tattoo dragon in the picture is representative of the Western view of dragons.

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