A tattoo is something you will have for a long time so why not make it personal and creative by drawing it yourself?  You can do this. Think about the long term with your design.  Many people have tremendously regretted getting a tattoo on a whim, and then feeling disappointed to see the Tasmanian Devil on their ankle for the rest of their adult life. Tracing it with marker, or a bold pen can help to get it to a point where the tattoo artist will be able to use it.

Whatever route you go, the key is to take your time, and seek out what you’re really wanting. If shading and color is involved, it is good to have both a black and white versions of your art (or stencil), as well as in color.
Though tattoo artists can do amazing and beautiful work, they can’t just do any old drawing.

Clear lines and markings on your original tattoo flash will help tremendously, and leave far less up to the tattoo artist to translate.

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