Powdered graphite can also be used to add a smoother layer of shading to the outer edges of the drawing.Step 4Add a layer of dark shading using 4B graphite. I mean after all, when I first started this site it was all about dragons and fantasy creatures. Start sketching out the dragons head shape starting with the horns, and snout as you see here.
Finish sketching out the structure of this dragons face, and then add the lining for the frills around the face, and down the spine of the dragons neck and back. You have successfully finished this tutorial that taught you to the technique to "drawing dragons, step by step".
When that is complete, you will start drawing the arms, and then the chest as you can see clearly here. All you need to do is sketch out the shape and style of the dragons wings, and then start the lining for the tail.
All you need to do now is finish sketching out the tail, and then add the detailing to show the texture.

Attach the neck to another shape for the body and and then draw the lining for the wings, legs, and tail.
Next sketch out more of the dragons wings and before you move to the next step, add some definition and detailing to the body. You will then sketch in the definition for the tissue part of the wings and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. HB woodless graphite can also be used to expedite the sketching process.Step 2Refine the sketch.
Shading very lightly with a 4B pencil will produce natural textures that add more detail to the drawing. There is a bunch of different looking medieval creatures that have been written into books, poetry, and major motion pictures. Keep the sketch as simple and light as possible.Step 3Add a rough layer of shading to the drawing using 4B graphite. Add more details to the iris and more texture to the eye lids.Step 6Use a 2H pencil to refine the textures and details of the drawing.

Willow had two headed beasts, sorcerers, and very different looking trolls, and then there is the more popular Dungeons and Dragons movie where everything was about Medieval monsters, witches, wizards, and much, much more.
Although all these flicks seem to be awesome, one of my ultimate favorites was a movie that started Christian Bale, and ?Matthew McConaughey called “Reign of Fire”. The one I drew in this lesson came out looking a bit different from the ones I usually draw. It has a different style snout, and the face is a bit off from my normal way of drawing dragons. Nonetheless, I think just because there is a new fantasy sketch submitted, everyone will have fun with it. I have to “fly” out of here because I still have six more tutorials that need to go up toady.

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