I decided to go with the method of stenciling because I could find the design style I was looking for and customize the color. The stencil from Olive Leaf Stencils came right away and I was impressed with the quality of the stencil from the moment I opened the package. I had planned on just buying a sample of paint, as this project did not need a full quart of paint, but I didn’t realize paint samples are only available in flat finish. Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, lay your stencil flat and spray with the adhesive. After waiting 1 minute for the spray adhesive to slightly dry, I pressed the stencil to the wall. I HIGHLY recommend Olive Leaf Stencils, as this project went MUCH better than my last stenciling attempt. We love our arrow accent wall and our son is so excited to show all his friends when they come over! This post was sponsored by Olive Leaf Stencils, in that I did receive the stencil for free in exchange for a review of the product and providing application instructions. Step 1: Following manufacturer's directions, apply Mod Podge Stiffy Fabric Stiffener to both sides of the fabric with a chip brush making sure the fabric gets saturated thoroughly. Step 2: While your fabric is drying, go ahead and determine the placement for your Sew Fun Dress Form stencils. Step 3: When the fabric is dry and flat, use the clean stencil to trace the dress form outline on the back side of your fabric. Step 4: Gather all your little ribbons and assorted goodies and have a good old time accessorizing your dresses. Step 5: Spray the back side of the fabric dress forms with a good misting of spray adhesive, paying attention to the edges of the fabric. Using fabric for the large silhouette area of the stencil pattern along would work equally well with the Parlor Chair wall stencil from Bari J. Use your amazing imagination for many more ideas: cut up maps, posters, love letters, photocopies of family photos, etc. Let's get started with an easy stenciling ideas project that you can finish in just a few minutes but end up with a Summer Time Tote Bag that will accompany you to the beach or pool for years to come. Well, if you love dolphins like I do, then I know youa€™ll really appreciate the free dolphin stencil and the project that I have prepared for you. Faux Painting Stenciling which can be anything from painting a small ant on a table top to creating a full size garden mural on a wall. All of these projects are done with stencils so if you are not comfortable with freehand painting dona€™t worry! Toile is very beautiful but ornate and detailed which makes it difficult to design a stencil for this pattern.
We consider stencils to paint on furniture, clothes and walls but have you ever thought about creating custom art with stencils?
OK, you may have picked up on the Lion Head Door Knockers as being the Trompe Loeil images that were stenciled on but guess what?
Trompe Loeil is an art technique involving realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the objects appear in three dimensions, instead of actually being a two-dimensional painting. Dragon Stencil was used to make a unique pair of jeans from an old pair that had been hanging in my closet.
I hope you find some inspiration with these stenciling ideas and decorative painting projects. Stencil Pattern Books in Print (like these) then visit our Printer's Book Shop for a large variety of stencil collections.

And dona€™t forget that Hancock Fabrics has Great Deals! Ita€™s not all just about Fabrics. Hot chocolate, steamed milk, coffee and lattes are just some of the delicious and frothy drinks we like to indulge in during the chilly holiday season (and anytime really). We considered wallpapering an accent wall, but I couldn’t find a wallpaper that was perfect for the style we were going for and for the amount it would cost to wallpaper, it had to be PERFECT.
I was delighted to find this arrow stencil from Olive Leaf Stencils and contacted the shop owner right away. I picked up some 3M Spray Adhesive, a high density foam roller and a quart of Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint in Opulent.
I wanted the arrows to have a little shine, so I sprung for the quart size of paint so I could buy a satin finish.
I had marked a level line with pencil where I wanted to top of the stencil to be, so it was easier to get the stencil straight.
I rolled it out evenly on the tray and then swiped it on a piece of paper towel before applying to the wall, just to make sure I didn’t have any large paint spots hiding on my roller.
Try to roll out the paint as evenly as possible, but don’t worry about getting it too thick. Pull the stencil slowly off the wall so as not to pull any of your wall paint off with the stencil.
I am by NO means a stencil expert and had NO problem completing this project with excellent results.
I did find Olive Leaf Stencils on my own through Etsy and loved the designs they create prior to this partnership. Lay wet fabric on a nonstick surface to dry, making sure the fabric is completely flat while it dries. Play with how the shape of the dress form works in different areas of the fabric to create different looks. It is a good idea to lay them out on a table so you can plan how the patterns and colors of the dress forms will work to compliment each other in your overall design scheme. Note: Be sure to allow for good ventilation and protect surrounding areas when using Spray Adhesive.
Well, actually, WE did, and hope you are inspired to try this type of project for your own studio, little girl's room, or as a way to personalize your closet.
Well, as an artist or crafter you know that the start of any decorative painting project is inspiration.
I bet you can find an old trunk like this at your local thrift store (or maybe there's one in your attic). This was just a simple dresser ready for the trash and now it's a functional piece that would be a welcome accent in any room.
Stencils help us get images into our project without having to be a Leonardo de Vinci or Picasso (if thata€™s your style).
It gives us an opportunity to do more than design a€“ we get the chance to create a fantasy! Believe it or not, when these doors started out they were plain brown stained doors with no adornment. This stenciling ideas project will inspire you to explore the many ways you can use your creativity with stencils and stenciling ideas.
You know it's great to get the kids involved in arts and crafts because it's been said to help them develop and learn. Airbrush Stencils Angel Stencil Animal Stencils Art Deco Stencil Art Nouveau Stencil Butterfly Stencils Cat Stencils Celtic Stencils Cool Stencils Cross Stencil Dinosaur Stencil Dog Stencils Dolphin Stencil Eagle Stencil Flower Stencils Graffiti Art Stencils Grapevine Stencil Guitar Stencil Heart Stencil Letter Stencils Palm Tree Wall Stencils Pineapple Stencil Free Printable Stencils Paisley Stencil Quilting Stencil Patterns Rose Stencil Skull and Crossbones Stencil Southwestern Stencils Sports Stencils Stencils Quilting Teddy Bear Stencil Toile Stencils Tree Stencils Tribal Stencil Trompe l oeil Tropical Flower Stencil Valentine Stencils I hope you truly enjoy these Free Stencils!

Here you'll find stencil films, paints, books and tools plus and extensive selection of applicators including brushes and sponges. I came across these adorable coffee stencils on Etsy today and think they would be so fun for upcoming holiday parties!
As a lover of style and fashion, Nadia found her ‘niche’ and love of children’s clothing while searching for quality items for her family.
After much deliberation, Jason and I decided to paint the arrows yellow. We also considered light blue or white.
The dark grey wall we stenciled on was in an eggshell finish, so it just helps the arrows stand out a bit more.
I really think it is due to using the higher quality stencil as well as Olive Leaf Stencils‘ clear application instructions. We thought it would be super fun to show you how to combine one of our new wall stencils from the Bari J Stencil Collection, the Sew Fun Dress Form, with some of Bari J.'s actual fabric designs for Art Gallery fabrics.
Note: If the fabric becomes wrinkled while it dries you can iron out the wrinkles by placing the fabric between two sheets of wax paper.
Stencil in the top and bottom of stencil pattern in Behr paint color Deep Breath or a similar color in a craft fluid acrylic paint. Allow the adhesive to set up for a couple minutes before placing the fabric forms on the wall.
Imagine it in your home with an arrangement of wine bottles, stem glasses and lit candles on top - warm and inviting. And I bet youa€™re well aware of how handy stools like this can be for an extra seat or a step up to the top shelf.
If gardening is one of them why not bring some of your painting talents to your flower beds. Don't think that you have to be a web designer and know all about computer codes and complicated html stuff.
Plus you'll find Delta Ceramacoat and DecoArt Paints, stencil brushes and applicators, a few pre-cut stencil designs, and many other items on your stencil supplies checklist. It was shipped in a tube, but it flattened out after just a night of laying on my dining room table. I was pleased to find I was able to adjust the stencil a few times until I achieved the exact positioning I wanted. This is a fabulous mixed media wall stencil project that can use things you already have around your studio or craft room-OR have fun shopping for just the right fabrics and notions. Note that the dress form body is taped off to keep the stenciled paint from getting into that area.
The Mod Podge Stiffy Fabric Stiffener will keep your fabric from fraying, giving you a nice clean edge. Content of this site may not be reproduced in whole or in part without expressed written consent. We then traced the dress form with chalk using the stencil as a guide for fabric placement. I mean what are you going to do after youa€™ve covered your walls with all of your Stenciling Ideas Masterpieces and youa€™re still hungry to create more art? Alternatively, you could simply stencil ALL in blue paint, as the fabric shapes will cover the "body".

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