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Although it was widely reported that Duff broke the record, his record was disqualified in 2009 when it was revealed that his cupcake was baked in two parts!  Not only do I want to see the cupcake, I want to see the oven capable of handling a cupcake this size! This Thursday, at the Covent Garden Real Food Market, the world’s largest ever cupcake will make a nervous debut on the East Piazza.

Submit a BakerySubmit your favorite bakery and where you live to help us in our search for bakeries by state! Reportedly 150 times the size of a regular cupcake, this record-breaker called for 16 pounds of butter, 10 pounds of sugar, and three ounces of food coloring. Nervous, because it will be a short-lived appearance: thousands of people will soon be wolfing it down.
In hope of getting a glimpse of the large cupcake :-) Looking forward to seeing my favourite type of cakey in giant form!

Its about your creativity --artful celebrations -- having a great time with family and friends.
With that being said, Duff constructed a convection-type pan out of a metal washtub (new and sanitized, of course) and some metal sheeting he fashioned into a cone for the inside so that the bottom half of the cupcake would bake all the way through in a standard baker’s oven.

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