Since the earliest of times, the eagle is a bird that has been held in great esteem across many cultures of the world. The eagle tattoos depicted here are both majestic and beautiful, and can be worn by both sexes. The United States, of course, uses images of the bald eagle - otherwise known as the American Eagle tattoo - on a lot of its currency, flags and other important materials. Needless to say, the eagle has earned a very respected part in iconography around the world. Its snowy white head contrasts dramatically with its dark brown body, giving it a truly one-of-a-kind appearance. There's something wonderfully dramatic about having an American eagle design proudly emblazoned across your back, or depicted on an important document. Needless to say, then, people have long been fascinated and impressed with the overall appearance of the eagle. For many people, national and religious symbolism aren't the first things that pop into mind when the word "eagles" is used.

The band, whose most famous and well-known song is probably "Hotel California," obviously has an affinity for the regal birds. The popular NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, is another thing that many people - especially those living on the east coast of the United States - think of whenever these high-flying predators are mentioned. If you're looking for a way to distil the ideals of patriotism and power into a single tattoo or work of art, you'd be smart to consider using an image of a bald eagle or American Eagle tattoo. American eagle tattoos aren't easy to miss; unfortunately, they are endangered, so you're not very likely to see one in the wild.
When people see such an image, they definitely take note of it - it's not easy to overlook. Back during ancient Egyptian times, you didn't have to look very far to see an image of an eagle. They have been revered by the Native Americans who considered the bird to be a sign of free-spiritedness, pride, royalty and greatness.
Whole new generations of fans are learning to appreciate their unique style of rock'n'roll.

It's only fitting that the City of Brotherly Love adopted the name for one of its major sports teams - after all, it was one of the birthplaces of the United States.
It's more than possible that this was the first time that a governing body used the eagle in such a way.
More than likely, there are thousands of people wandering around out there with Eagles tattoos somewhere on their bodies. Sometimes a tattoo may feature the eagle’s head with intense, penetrating eyes; at other times the full body of the bird may be shown with opened wings.
Alternatively, one may also try a tribal eagle tattoo, an Aztec eagle tattoo or a Celtic eagle tattoo.

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