Tattoos involving Eagle symbolism has been there forever with native and tribal people considering these magnificent birds to represent courage, bravery, nobility and victory. These eagle tattoos represent the Polish struggle for freedom and their present independence. Eagle feather tattoos generally stand for honor, courage and bravery while in some cultures they may be associated with one’s dear ones who have passed away. A golden eagle tattoo inked with black or multicolored ink looks great both on men and women, allowing the wearer to make a bold style statement.

These tattoos feature the eagle as it is represented on the Mexican national flag – perching on a cactus plant with its wings spread out for balance, holding a snake in the bill. An eagle with its wings spread out wide is an excellent subject for a chest tattoo as it allows for much creativity while is also large enough to cover the entire chest area.
Black eagle tattoos can be done in popular tribal styles with the tattoos often representing protection, focus and determination.
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The work took 12 hours total (Outline and three sections of shading all of about three hours each) for a total of 4 sittings. Additionally, bald eagle tattoos can be associated with the US army as the bald eagle is the country’s national bird.

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