Today is Easter Sunday, the day that Christians celebrate Jesus' resurrection after his crucifixion on Good Friday (good because he died for the sins of mankind, and thereby assured redemption from the original sin of Adam and Eve).
Easter, or more specifically Holy Week, is a religious festival for all Christians, and in fact the most important celebration of the Christian calendar, in religious terms.
Easter is also a time of celebration of the signs of Spring, of nature awakening from the dead of winter. Still, in other parts, and in various places around the world, Spring is well established, with flowers blooming in the warmer, more sun-filled days. Nonetheless, all seem to be happy to celebrate the Spring aspects of Easter, with flowers, fashions, and gifts from the Easter Bunny, a traditional and pre-Christian symbol of Spring's fertility, who delivers other fertility symbols, notably eggs--coloured, and chocolate--in baskets, nests, and sometimes accompanied by toys. Most often the Easter Bunny seems to pass in the night, so that children arise to an Easter egg hunt for the treats he has left in their home. This past week, I asked a member of the university cleaning staff, who regularly cleans my office, if the Easter Bunny would be coming to her house this year. Later that day I gave her a dozen Lindt chocolate eggs nested in a small tin decorated with Easter bunnies and flowers. March Equinox 2011--A Supermoon Bonus!--NB: This post was blurking in the drafts when it should have been among the published posts. I am a Canadian academic of Italian origin with qualifications in medicine, psychiatry, literature, and philosophy, and interested in the cross-cultural aspects of all of these.
Flowers play a significant and symbolic role in the celebration of Easter, the holiest of Christian holidays that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Lilies are popular Easter flowers, particularly white lilies, which are considered a floral tradition for the holiday that represents hope and love.
Azaleas are a colorful and beautiful flower, symbolizing a variety of emotions, including passion, temperance and fragility. Chrysanthemums can be an excellent selection for an Easter gift or centerpiece, but stay away from the yellow ones.

Daffodils are considered to represent rebirth, a sign of a new beginning with the arrival of spring.
Daffodils also tell the recipient that a€?You are the only one for me,a€? and can be the perfect Easter flowers for that special person in your life. San Diego Flowers by Coley can design a beautiful bouquet of Easter flowers to give as a gift to someone you care about, or to display in your home to celebrate the holiday. This is a day of rejoicing after the somberness of Lenten preparations for Easter, and the passion of Christ--from His arrival in Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, celebrated on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter), to His betrayal by Judas, and trial by the Romans and the Jewish leaders, His punishments and humiliations and then death on the Cross, and then His entombment. In certain countries, particularly Catholic, Orthodox, and Mediterranean ones, it is a far greater traditional celebration than is Christmas. A moveable feast, it is sometimes in March at the very beginning of Spring (the Vernal Equinox), and at other times in April when Spring is (supposedly) well established.
In some traditions the weekend is also a time for Easter egg colouring, and hunts, or Easter egg rolls. She told me no, that they were Muslim (which I knew), and I replied that the Easter Bunny is for everyone, especially everyone who likes chocolate! The nesting material was shredded mauve coloured paper, and the tin was mauve with yellow and green motifs that were fanciful but not childish. When you give a gift of azaleas, you are reminding the recipients to take care of themselves. While all colors are considered to represent cheerfulness, the yellow kind represents slighted love, something that doesna€™t fit with the Easter theme. Red tulips represent love, but any color of tulip will tell the recipient that you both share a perfect love. Purple stands for sorry or asking for forgiveness, while pink and red are a sign of playfulness.
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Easter Sunday is a time attend religious services to celebrate with others the joy of the Resurrection. This year it is particularly late in April, yet due to unusual weather, in some parts of North American it is far from Spring-like.
Later, when we passed in the hall again, she said she now realized what I had meant, and that her 10-year-old son sometimes receives something from a classmate, or makes something at school. I thought it was sufficiently "grown up", non-religious, and yet "boyish" enough that it would be acceptable to her son and the family. By understanding the meaning behind each flower given during Easter, it can help you decide what the best flower to use as a centerpiece in your home or to give away as a gift to family or friends. Lent, the 40 days recognized before Easter Sunday in most Christian churches, is associated with the daffodil. If you give yellow tulips, this tells the recipient that you are deeply in love with the person. Daffodils were said to have first appeared on the night of the Last Supper in the Garden of Gethsemane. This is why many churches decorate with white lilies during Easter, flowers that often are provided by church members.
When you give a white lily to someone at Easter, it shows you care and are happy to have the person in your life.

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