Avete visto la presentazione di iPad Pro e siete rimasti impressionati dal programma per l’elaborazione dei video? Movie Edit Touch trasforma il tablet in uno studio di elaborazione video portatile e touch-friendly. Tutte le nostre review di cuffie, cover, accessori fotografici, mouse, tastiere e molto altro.
Using a PC's soundcard as a cheap, low-bandwidth oscilloscope is a well-known trick - quite frequently mentioned here.
Correct me if I am wrong here but doesnt a sound card need a high pass filter to remove DC offset? You know you can go to Gabriel's web site and download the latest version of the software, to re-flash the device.

Kartman I agree with your comments and I can't argue but I can remember the day I acquired my first ever scope, it was a really nice agilent 2 channel new age DSO so I was off to a great start and its still going strong but that scope really really sent me places its the single item that has had the most effect on my life! Now some days I feel like the luckiest git alive, I have a company credit card and a great boss who is a mechanical engineer, I am actively encouraged to buy things and p!ss about with them I have many thousands of pounds worth of equipment at home for my Uni project, the scope I have is simply amazing it cost a lot and I couldn't go back to not having it. IIRC the earlier version used the parallel interface to the GLCD, the later version switched to an SPI interface, (when the Xmegas were upgraded with USB). The easy way to tell them apart is that the newer hardware version has the tiny SMT LEDs on the module, the earlier version did not.
Gabriel didn't figure out why it was behaving so badly and I liked the bigger screen, so I bought his xMinilab.
Sappiate che potete ottenere gli stessi risultati anche sui vostri tablet PC con Windows 10.

Avete la possibilita di modificare i video gratuitamente e in mobilita. Potete tagliare e arrangiare le clip ed inserire le vostre canzoni preferite, correggere la luminosita, il contrasto e il colore di riprese non esattamente ben riuscite.
It is quite handy for decoding infrared and 433MHz comms as you can have a near infinite sample. You can have it sweep and modulate whilst sampling the input to test your speaker or filter response. As you mention, close to DC is a problem as the input is ac coupled and much beyond 10KHz is also a problem.

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