We’re currently installing the beta and will be updating this post with any changes we find. Strangely, installing iOS 8.1 beta on another device brought Camera Roll and Photo Stream back.
If I recall correctly the .1 versions in the last few years have been the ones that went with the iPad announcements towards the end of the year, so it makes sense. FX Photo Studio HD was last updated back in February, where it received iOS 6 and Retina support, and better iPad mini performance.

Apparently, you get Camera Roll back if you never activated iCloud Photo Library, although we can’t confirm that at 100%.
I can’t really give you the link in the portal either because it will require you to sign in.
It has large touch targets, it’s easy to navigate through the 200+ options, and filters and other effects load extremely quickly.
Especially if iOS 8.1 is the Apple Pay release, because that was one of the 2 real reasons why I upgraded.

It also offers up other useful features like Crop, masks, and the ability to add watermarks and signatures.
Oh and bonus, it looks like the iPhone version of FX Photo Studio is still available for free is well.

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