Facebook Fan Pages were introduced in late 2007 as a way to help businesses connect with customers on Facebook. So they created fan pages which are basically a profile page for a business (although there are several major differences as you will soon see). After you pick the business type, you will need to fill in some basic info about your business and pick your Business Name which will become the name of your fan page. Descriptive naming is where you name your fan page in a way that will attract attention to what you do. This way, when you post or when others share your content or mention your fan page, it shows up with your descriptive name – making it more likely for Facebook users to click it, come to your page and become your fan.
Descriptive naming is especially powerful if you enjoy commenting, sharing and interacting on Facebook – because every time you do so your Fan Page name is being seen by potential customers in their newsfeeds. Tip: Because the About section is indexed by Google, make sure to include any keywords you would like to rank for. Now you’ve done all the basic work of setting up your fan page and you can go ahead and post your first status update! After you’ve posted your first status update, let’s complete all the details of maximizing your fan page for business.
Depending on what type of fan page you have there will be different boxes in your info section. If there’s anything you need help with, check out the resources section for Fan Page owners.
Now that you’ve filled out all your Facebook info, click “Like” on your fan page to become the first fan! Also, you need to get 25 fans to set up a Vanity URL which is basically a unique URL just for your page that makes it easier for customers to find you on Facebook.
The best Vanity URL to choose is one that is simple, easy to spell and easy to remember, preferably the name of your business. Great for educators of preschool children through 2nd grade, parents and grandparents alike! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In Keanu, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key try to save the most adorable kitten on the face of the earth from a drug dealer. The reason some people don’t like this movie has a lot to do with the motion capture technique.
Director Jon Favreau certainly mastered the beast-size challenge of translating a beloved book and animated film into a new media, even with a roar.

There’s a new teaser trailer for A Monster Calls, the latest effort from Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible). Species II Having just returned from a mission to Mars, Commander Ross (Justin Lazard) isn't exactly himself. Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. If you happen to be away from home but need to access a Microsoft Office document, you can using Office Online.
Once you've completed your Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation, click Save As. By connecting your OneDrive account to Microsoft Office 2013, you can save all your documents to the Microsoft cloud in just one click. Once you're on another PC or Mac, open the web browser, go to the Office Online home page, click Sign in at the top right, and enter your email address.
Then choose Recent documents on OneDrive, open the document you want, then edit it by going to Edit document, and then Edit in Word Online. You'll find that the interface is very similar to Office 2013; the only difference is that it's in the browser. Make sure you’ve at least followed the basic profile setup for your Facebook Profile in Chapter 2 because you can’t create a Fan Page without a Facebook Profile setup. Previously, Facebook had noticed that a lot of users (like me) had been marketing their business using their personal profile – and Facebook wanted to separate the business aspects of the site from the friendship and connection. It can also increase the number of fans who opt-in for your free report and join your email list. If you’re a very social person and love to comment and interact on Facebook and are building your own personal brand then it may be better to use the descriptive naming strategy in order to display quickly who you are and how you help your customers.
For example, if you sell doorknobs, make sure to include the keyword doorknobs in your About section.
Remember, the dimensions of a cover photo should be 851 pixels wide x 315 or larger (because Facebook will automatically crop it). I recommend you fill out as much information as possible in each section to help your fans and customers learn more about you. This is especially important if you will be promoting your Fan Page at a physical location (on your product packaging or in your stores). The Polar Express was a best selling book for many years before it was made into a motion-captured IMAX 3D film in 2004 by Robert Zemeckis. It's a really practical solution for keeping all your documents close and editing them from any computer with an internet connection.

Today, if you look through my bag, you won't find anything that resembles removable storage. You'll be given three options: OneDrive (Microsoft's online storage), Computer (to save locally,) and Add a place (for using Office 365).
A Microsoft account includes you OneDrive storage, an Outlook email address, and the ability to sync your PC or smartphone with your account.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. If you’re a local business, pick “Local Business or Place.” Just try your best to pick the type of fan page that matches your business but don’t worry about it too much because Facebook allows you to change it after your page is set up.
I highly recommend uploading a photo of a person – either yourself or some of your employees. This section is indexed by Google so it’s important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as telling your fans and customers what you do. That way, you can promote your Vanity URL for your fan page and make it easier for your customers to find you on Facebook.
These days though, I can edit my Office documents with Office Online, a Microsoft web apps that synchronizes with the different programs in Microsoft Office. In other words, when you're back on your PC, you'll be able find the most recent versions of any texts, spreadsheets, or presentations you may have tweaked in the web browser. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
This is the photo people will be seeing in their news feeds and people on Facebook would much rather interact with a person than a brand – so make your fan page personable with a nice picture!
I recommend filling it out briefly to start with and then spend some time later on revamping it.
Casey is now a 24-year-old college student at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in Video Production and Film Studies. Check out other popular fan pages to see how they are using the About section to promote their business.
Watching TV and movies are just two of Casey’s many hobbies that he is very passionate about. Here you can edit file and save changes accordingly without need to install any software.More Related ReadingHow to create PDF files online using Google Docs for free?

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