Modifier PDF is a Windows PDF editing software product that lets you modify and edit PDF documents like adding text, insert images, removing unwanted content, drawing lines and rotating PDF pages. If you write text on the PDF, you can change the text font, size, color and move it to anywhere you want on the page.
Better than other PDF Reader applications, Modifier PDF can permanently save the edited PDF content changes in PDF.
With Modifier PDF you can easily fill out the PDF forms now.Remove ContentThere is an Eraser tool in Modifier PDF, and you can use it to remove any unwanted text or graphics like erasing.

You can also change the line weight to make the eraser bigger or smaller.Rotate PDFThe program has the ability to rotate PDF 90, 180 and 270 degrees for single page and all pages.
So that you can rotate the PDF pages to the correct orientation.Insert ImageYou can add images to the PDF and resize them. You can add your signature image to the PDF document and easy to sign now.WatermarkThe Copy To All Pages Tool allows you to copy the selected object to every page in the PDF.
You can use this function to make an inserted image as watermark for the PDF document.Permanently SaveModifier PDF can save the edited content permanently into the original PDF document, and also allows you to save the content to a new PDF file.

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