All resources offered by this website are collected through the internet and exchanged between peers for personal study. If you feel some resources have infringed your copyright, Please contact us, we will delete it as quickly as possible, we won't bear any legal responsibility for the resources. With shadow boxes becoming a popular keepsake trend, the options are endless when it comes to how you use it! There are many gifts you can give your best friend, but one that speaks to the personal memories you share together definitely takes the reigns. Last but certainly not least, these fun frames make an awesome addition to any celebration. Clearly the wearing of the skirt is in my uppermost style thoughts right now… I do believe that this post makes it three in a row for this particular subject matter. Catherine and I have different styles when it comes to wardrobe choices – I, aka Mrs Monochrome, stand firmly in the minimal camp whilst Catherine knows how to work in her colours and prints with ease and does so brilliantly on a daily basis. In this particular case, mine from Style Edit came in the form of being asked to take a piece from the current collection Jacques Vert collection and style it up to make it my own. In all honesty, my first thought was that, with the exception of a few jersey basics from Kaliko snaffled whilst perusing John Lewis, I’d not shopped at some of the names housed under the Style Edit brand umbrella before, so could I do it? But then I know that some of my friends (and possibly readers too I’m guessing) have plundered Jacques Vert and some of the other brands for occasion wear pieces.
With the belief that its possible to apply my minimalist monochrome obsession to anything and make it work, I spied the maxi plisse skirt with its sports luxe vibe and decided it was challenge accepted! I paired the skirt with an old faithful Zara faux leather biker jacket, a black tee, newly acquired Zara tote and the uber stylish Seven Boot Lane Flame trainers. Shooting this free flowing piece of gorgeousness on a sunny day in London and enjoying a stop off for matcha ice cream treats at Tombo with time to watch the world go by made me think of city breaks and time spent breezing around without a care.

The Jacques Vert Holiday Shop has a couple of other pieces I would happily pack for a summer city break too – the metallic tote, layered blouse and cropped trousers would all work with the other pieces in my mostly monochrome wardrobe.
This post was written in collaboration with Style Edit – thank you for supporting sponsors of The Online Stylist. Your style may be monochrome (which I love btw) but by heck your food is very brightly coloured!!!!
The black color is often associated with darkness, obscurity, enigma, danger and even death. The above collection includes some of the most unique yet attractive dark wallpapers you can find on the internet. This versatile shadow box (with built-in picture frame!) is one of our favorites because of the endless ways you can personalize it. Choose a unique quote or personalize it with the couples’ married name in a fun script font as shown below. Choose an etching that fits the style of your day, then add some 3-D contrast with a photo or texture placed inside the back of the box.
I have delete many a times my comment because I wasn’t able to correct my type errors.
But I think its safe to say that we both feel that our style confidence has grown more than ever in our forties and neither of us is afraid to step up for a style challenge. Some of the prints and more formal pieces wouldn’t mesh with my personal style but on closer inspection, there were some plainer pieces with potential. Then, print your fave picture of the two of you to fit into the back panel and fill the shadow box with trinkets and tokens that remind you of good times. If it’s a wedding gift you can still include a photo, then the couple can replace it with one from their wedding if they choose.

But, these interpretations did not prevent black from inspiring creativity in artists to produce amazing works of art based on darkness. Place it on a shelf in your home or you can hang it on a wall since it comes with the necessary attachments.
Some ideas could be concert ticket stubs, photobooth photos, handwritten notes and anything else you want to include. Then, to make it even more special, they can store their vows or even petals from the bouquet as a reminder of their best day ever. Add a picture and some mementos from your travels, your wedding or anything you’d like to keep on display in your home. If i am editing something I wrote it is obviously because I do not want my original comment in its form to be viewed, so I change it… just confused as to why people should be able to see something I don’t want them to see in the first place? Dark wallpapers are often sought after for their dramatic effect that makes the home screen really stand out.
These wallpapers ProShapeRX mainly fascinate those who love dark colors and gothic themes rather than bright and flowery pictures. Dark wallpapers come in a wide range of variety featuring dark forests, turbulent ocean, dark cities and gothic pictures of the moon.

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