I want to start by thanking you all for the fantastic support that we received during the WSO listing. I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while, and the comments on the WSO thread just reminded me of it. You won’t believe how many really good software products are out there, that are extremely good, and 100% free. The thing that I’d like to point out before going to the products themselves, is that I’m not claiming that they are the exact same thing as their paid counterparts.
Anyway, if you just need to teak your images a little bit, add some transparency here and there, or join a few images together, there’s a really good free, and open source solution: Gimp. Gimp takes a minimalist approach with small floating windows that you can choose to keep or hide. It organizes the project in layers (just like Photoshop), and features masks, paths, effects and filters like it’s Adobe counterpart. Like I said before, we are planning on doing more posts about free tool, do you find the subject interesting ? Thanks for taking the time to post this information, and make it available to us, and look forward to you showcasing more free tools to assist with our video marketing.
At the recent retreat for the Life Editor Academy mastermind group, we planned out our goals for the entire year, and it was fascinating to see how varied the goals were. But there was one area of their lives that everyone wanted to edit more than anything else—MONEY!
As children, we learn certain beliefs about money: who has it, who deserves it, what it means, and the value it holds. It’s energy, and you can use it to attract abundance or you can use it to manipulate others and drag yourself down.

If you have a money block that’s holding you back from financial freedom, I’ve got a simple exercise to help you bust through the negative beliefs you have around money and abundance. I’ve got a free worksheet that will help you edit your money blocks so you can live the abundant life you deserve!
Enter your name and email below to get your freebie.I will never share, trade, rent, or sell your information with any other company. Once you have determined your money blocks, think about how you can edit them from negative statements to positive statements. The next time you feel stuck around money, try editing your beliefs into more optimistic statements. Get dozens of free life editing resources in the Editor's Toolkit!Introduce yourself and your programI will never share, trade, rent, or sell your information with any other company.
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The world’s most popular video sharing site naturally has its own suite of tools to help you improve your videos. To edit photos online for free, you can check out Aviary, FotoFlexer, Photobucket and some others as mentioned before. And if you just want to add some filter effects to your photos, you can check out the picfull website, which is available for you to edit your photos as what you can do with Instagram, in one click and free of charge.
By the way, you can upload GIF, JPG and PNG image files, and there is a total of 18 different filter effects, including Vintage Dark, Colored Dots, Old Photo and more. As you can see from the above, Picfull is like PicYou & PicPlz, but with different filter effects. I’m just trying to showcase a little piece of free software that has saved me more than once.

If you're new here, please subscribe to my weekly ezine The Life Editor so you won't miss any freebies, videos, or updates. Then we’ll always struggle to have money, and more importantly, we’ll struggle to live our dreams.
For example, if you wrote down that one of your beliefs is that rich people are greedy, then can you think of any rich people who share their wealth with people who are less fortunate? With WeVideo, users can invite their friends and team members to collaborate on the video and edit them together. This free powerful video editor lets you convert videos, add watermark text, cut videos, crop videos, merge several video files, demux video files and much more. YouTube Video Editor is a simple and easy way to trim clips, add music, insert transitions and even stabilise clips. Just launch it, and within minutes you'll be uploading videos, editing, and rendering your creations back into true video format. But let’s see how Gimp let’s you do some simple stuff , so you can get a rough idea of it capabilities.
But when funds are low, we feel like crawling back into bed and hiding under the covers forever.
I hope you’re ready to turn the F**K up for the weekend and make sure to download that edit for FREE right below!

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