I have been a photoshop user for over 10 years, and have found myself in Photoshop less and less with each revision of Lightroom. Now, I don’t want to start an argument about whether images should be adjusted digitally or not. In this video demo I run through my development process for two images, both of which require local adjustments to make them more compelling. The idea here is that we want to get the overal image looking right and having the correct feel before we go in to isolated areas and make local adjustments. I was not surprised to see how gray the original plate picture was, but I was floored when you showed the original dressing photo! I just started using LR 5 months ago, my only regret was that I didn’t have it before. Thanks for letting me take over The Grits Blog for the day Ash, promise to give it back when I am done. Hi all, I'm Andrea from The Pineapple Cake where I write about my daily adventures as an American living in Australia.
Open up VSCOcam and select the photo you plan on using, by clicking the + symbol at the top.
You now have a number of filters you can use to edit your photo, but my favorite for food photos is C1 which is a filter to adjust vibrancy. If you'd like to crop your image manually before uploading to Instagram, now is the time to do it. To determine the best contrast, slide the meter to the right to where the picture starts to look funny.
Doesn't that chicken on the right look so much more appetizing? To see more food photos check out my instagram, and be sure to stop by my blog, The Pineapple Cake to say hello!
Oya, cerita sikit *sok malay* Ini aslinya sih lagi sesi foto professional sama klien gw, Rocco Fudge, dengan stylist Sayuri Matsuda.
Kalo mau langsung praktek, bisa download file originalnya disini dan file foto versi crispy cakepnya di link ini.
Tendang sedikit Exposure +3 biar foto lebih terang dan memang gw pengen konsepnya summer bright. August 18, 2014 hahahaha kereen, jadi inget tahun2 kmrn getol2nya hobi jepret and edit di android. Ini sih foto aslinya memang angle dan segala macamnya sudah bagus, hanya perlu sedikit sentuhan saja. May 20, 2015 wow keren juga step stepnya, aku biasanya ngedit foto dengan ngandelin feeling aja hehehe. Ideally, you can set up a shot with a little practice and take food photos with natural light that look yummy right out of the camera. In this tutorial I will show you my step by step process for editing a not-so-hot shot, like the BEFORE image above, in Photoshop. So with all of my disclaimers out of the way, I’m ready to show you behind the scenes of this Thai Wild Rice Salad and how I edit food photos. I shoot RAW, so the first step I take is to open the image in CameraRaw and adjust the exposure. As you can see below, I increased the exposure value until the image looked brighter, then I adjusted the contrast and blacks slightly so that the actual salad didn’t look washed out at all.
In this case, Auto Adjustment did a good job of increasing the contrast in the image as you can see below.
In this image, using a large brush at 25% opacity, I brushed light into the salad and background. Now the light looks just right to me so I’ll go ahead and flatten the image before I move onto the next step.

Again, there are other ways to do this, but the fastest and simplest way is to use an Action. To really bring out the colors in the food and brighten a dish, I often tweak the hue and saturation of specific colors. When the yellows and greens looked like I wanted them, a little more vibrant, then I used the eraser at 95% opacity on the background layer copy and erased everything but the yellows and greens (see below).
You can also adjust the opacity of the background layer copy until the adjustments you made look natural and the overall color scheme of your image looks right.
I shared the recipe for this Thai Wild Rice Salad with Salmon because it is incredibly delicious. I almost always use my Canon L Series 24-70 f.28 lens for food photography, it’s my favorite! I highly recommend the Tasty Food Photography E-Book for a more in depth look at food photography styling, lighting, and editing. On Becoming More Resilient: We Can Do Hard ThingsI have been thinking a lot about resilience lately. Your tutorial is very handy, yet you introduce Totally Rad Action, which is such a cool actions I ever use.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. As I was editing the images for my last post, I thought it might be rather fun to make a video of my editing process inside of Lightroom.
Ever since the camera was developed images have been adjusted (in a darkroom), and more recently inside the computer.
The workflow is pretty simple and fast – certainly much easier than doing these adjustments inside of Photoshop, which would involve adjustment layers, and then painting masks for these layers. The beauty of Lightroom, and most other RAW editors, is that you can go back and forth with all your settings – nothing is etched in to stone, it is all adjustable without wrecking image quality. Just starting out to explore all the bells and whistles it came with and this video is very-very helpful!
I’ve watched a few through lightroom (which were great introductions to the program), but it was very interesting seeing a more food related one.
Looking forward for more Lightroom tuts, since I am a new user and I need to learn a lot more. VSCOcam has a great camera feature if you want to take your pictures using some special functions not available on your basic phone camera. There are so many VSCO filters to chose from and I am not sure which is the best, unless I hit all of them at least once or even twice!That picture on the top right--of two drinks--looks so nice.
Biar lebih challenging, gw pake foto dari kamera hape lalu gw amplas edit pake apps gratisan dari hape.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. While there are some subjects that are best captured candidly and without affectation, food photography is something that requires a little more. My process is certainly not the only way to edit food photos and I will tell you up front that it may not even be the best way. Sure, I know how to polish a photo manually in Photoshop, but if an action can help me drastically simplify my workflow then that makes more sense to me. I didn’t adjust the white balance in camera (because I shoot RAW, I rarely adjust the WB in camera), consequently the image has a blue tint. I adjusted the temperature until the image had a warm glow and I slightly adjusted the tint to bring out the natural colors in the salad. Then I brushed dark into the foreground of the image to bring out the lines in the piece of marble tile I was shooting on.

After a little editing, I had a picture that looked as delicious as the recipe actually tastes!
I hardly ever use Selective Color adjustment, I guess because I mostly think of it in terms of those black and white photos with the red rose – you know? Welcome to Some the Wiser, where I chronicle my journey as a single mother with four hungry mouths to feed. Every professional photographer I know, that makes a good living, does post-production work on their images – and rightly so.
I tried to use the brush but couldn’t understand what and how it works (I hate reading lengthy tutorials) – I will try the Lightroom brush tonight on my food photos!
Play around with what works for your image, but usually something between +3 and +6 gives it just enough boost without going over the top.
If you'd rather let instagram do the cropping just save your work by selecting the checkmark. For all my food photos (instagram and blog) I increase the brightness and contrast by just a few notches. Foto original kita keliatan agak greenish, makanya butuh diberi sedikit warna merah +4 supaya lebih segar. Jadi kalo foto dari kameranya udah kayak musibah, editan secanggih apapun ga bakalan selamat hehe..
It’s not a matter of styling and editing the photo to make it something that it is not. Other times, like right now in the middle of January and its dark days, the pictures, despite my best prep work and photo skills, end up looking dull, shadowed, and uninteresting. I am a self taught photographer and I’ve been figuring out Photoshop on my own for years.
If the Auto Adjustment doesn’t look quite right, I will fade the levels and see if that does the trick (see below).
One new thing that I have been experimenting with in Photoshop is the Selective Color adjustment for Whites.
Gw pengen area ini berwarna lebih warm, tapi bagian background tetap putih tanpa campuran warna lain. The fact is, this Thai Wild Rice Salad tastes exactly the same in both of the above photos, but only one of those photos makes you think YUM! Editing food photos in Photoshop can turn a boring food photo into something that actually captures the vibrancy and flavor of a great recipe. So while this is definitely a way to transform your photos, I make no claims to expertise here – this is just what works for me. I almost always decrease the opacity of the action so the effect is a little more subtle, but it’s the fastest way to take a photo to the next level.
Local adjustments let you do exactly what it says on the tin – that is, make adjustments (exposure, levels etc) to just certain portions of the image.
Pilih fitur ‘Selective Adjust’ di Snapseed, letakkan satu titik adjustment di area putih kanan atas dan satu lagi di atas majalah. For this shot however I wanted something very light and airy, and a bounce card helped produce the lighting I wanted.
If you position the bounce card and find that it has removed all of shadows, just simply move the card further away from your food until you get the shadow depth that you want.

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