Even if you end up posting your pictures to Instagram, you should be using these apps to edit them first.
Instagram may be the most popular photo-based social network, but it's not the best app for editing your pictures. Google's photo-editing app Snapseed (Android, iOS) is one of the best photo-editing apps around, thanks to the incredible control it gives you over your pictures.
Pixlr (Android, iOS) is a photo-editing and filter app that lets you build your own Instagram-like filter with effects, overlays and textures. VSCO Cam (Android, iOS) isn't just a photo-editing app -- like Instagram, it's also a social network (sort of).
Darkroom (iOS) is a relatively simple filter-based photo editors that lets you create your own filters (from the presets that are included with the app). Litely (iOS) is one of a few photo-editing apps (Pixlr is another) that supports iOS's photo-editing extensions, which means you can use it directly from your Photos app. Brian Cooley tells you why you might see various color lines on the wheels of your automobile.
Ate o momento o Instagram vinha sendo um servico que nos permitia tirar fotos com nossos dispositivos moveis, as quais depois podiamos aplicar diferentes filtros, compartilhando os resultados com nossos amigos. Estas novidades foram implementadas atendendo aos muitos pedidos dos usuarios da propria comunidade de Instagram, em constante crescimento, que exigiam maiores possibilidades criativas para suas proprias fotografias. O acesso as ferramentas de edicao ja esta disponivel atraves de um icone em forma de chave inglesa, dando acesso a estas ferramentas. If you want a little more pizzazz in your shots (who doesn’t crave sparkles, hearts and sun rays now and then?), try out this app, which has dozens of quality effects to layer over your shots.
It's best to use the app in combination with another (like Photoshop) that lets you make basic corrections before addding these amazing effects.
This app lets you take cool, arty shots by isolating the color in a selected area of the photo and desaturating everything else.
It's intuitive — use your finger to add or subtract color from the photo, or to zoom in and out to achieve the sharpest edge between color and monochrome. This app lets you crop several shots together into a collage in a simple, intuitive, custom way. Whether you like to get silly with your photos or need to write notes, mark-up images, or just play with cool filters for your shots, this app is for you.
Then, once you've laid a proper foundation, add dozens of effects to your heart's content — remove blemishes, make it look like it's snowing on a scorching day, add glitter, moons and even funny cat masks to your friends faces. Instagram has some new tools to give users more control and editing capabilities over the content they post on the social sharing site, including the long-requested ability to edit photo captions. The site has also made some "improvements under the hood" to enhance search on Instagram, as well as adding a "People" discovery tool for finding new Instagram accounts, the company said Monday.
All of the improved Instagram features are now available with updates for the site's iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. On the discovery front, Instagram has added a People tab alongside the current Photo tab on the Explore page in its mobile app.

Finally, Instagram has added type-ahead search functionality to its mobile app, meaning search results start appearing dynamically as a user types in each letter of a search. Instagram e da un bel pezzo che e uno dei social piu utilizzati del momento, ovviamente insieme a tantissimi altri e ad oggi e stata inserita una nuova versione, ovvero la 6.0. Nella nuova versione sono stati inseriti molti strumenti di editing avanzato, tra cui il contrasto, la saturazione, la nitidezza, la vignettatura e soprattutto la luminosita.
Questo aggiornamento e possibile modificare diversi parametri utilizzando il tocco del proprio dispositivo nella schermata editing, mentre nella parte inferiore sara poi mostrato il resto delle funzionalita disponibili. Il livello di ognuna di essa e compreso da 0 a 100, mentre un semplice tocco consente all’utente di visionare la foto dopo la modifica e prima della modifica.
Queste funzioni sono state inserite in un menu separato dov’e possibile quindi essere ignorati dagli altri utenti che vogliono utilizzare e applicare i filtri sulle proprie foto e renderle pubbliche. Il produttore inoltre e convinto che queste modifiche su Instagram saranno assolutamente apprezzate dagli utenti, soprattutto da quelli che hanno sempre cercato di avere strumenti di editing nettamente superiori rispetto ai precedenti.
Dunque non resta che attendere l’aggiornamento di questa applicazione sul proprio dispositivo.
Here are five free photo editing alternatives to spruce up your pics -- even if they don't end up on Instagram. Snapseed offers nine editing tools for tweaking your photos, including a brush tool that lets you selectively adjust exposure, saturation, and color temperature; and a healing tool that lets you remove blemishes or erase objects from photos completely. Pixlr has a variety of photo-editing tools, including a red-eye fixer and exposure, temperature, contrast, brightness and saturation adjustments, as well as brush tools for selectively brightening, darkening and pixelating parts of your photo. VSCO Cam has more of a minimalist vibe, which means that, like Instagram, its actual editing capabilities are a tad limited. Unlike some of the other apps we've mentioned, Darkroom isn't a full-fledged photo-editing app. Litely is a very simple filter-based photo editor -- like other filter-based apps, its editing tools are limited. Hoje, porem, Instagram deu um passo a mais com a introducao de um conjunto de ferramentas de edicao, de forma que podemos fazer ajustes de brilho, contraste, saturacao, calor, etc. Para determinar o nivel de aplicacao de um determinado filtro em uma foto, e preciso clicar duas vezes no icone do proprio filtro. Simple and intuitive, Photoshop Express lets you make the necessary adjustments to crop, exposure, color, tint, hue, saturation, contrast and levels with ease. Create surrealist landscapes with light from multiple directions, moons (in all stages of waning and waxing), fairy dust and even lightning bolts. The effects are highly customizable — change their positions and adjust their vibrancy on a sliding scale. While you wont be able to add funny stamps and cat masks to all of your photos, you'll take some of the best-looking photos your friends have ever seen. It falls into the same category as LINE Camera, letting users change the filters but also add stamps and create collages. Plus, it lets you draw over your photos with different brushes, add smiley faces, glasses and other funny stamps atop your pictures.

These versatile apps will let you customize, color-correct, crop and add beautiful effects to your photos before you upload them to Instagram. Not only are these apps fast and easy, but they're simply a lot of fun to manipulate and play with. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Clicking People now becomes the "place to find new accounts to follow and enjoy," according to the site.
There's a slightly larger search box in Explore and the icon which opens the discovery engine is now a magnifying glass which appears at the bottom of a user's screen. Snapseed also has its own set of filters (sorted into 11 different categories, including Retrolux, Noir and Glamour Glow).
It offers sliding adjustments for brightness, contrast, clarity, sharpness, saturation, highlights, shadows, temperature and skin tone, as well as options to tint your photo different colors or add grain or vignette effects.
Your editing tools are limited to cropping and adjusting a few different facets (brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, fade, vignette and sharpness). The app has sliders for exposure, contrast, vibrance, temperature, vignette, highlights, shadows and sharpness, as well as a cropping tool.
Alem disso, tambem nos permite especificar o nivel de aplicacao do filtro selecionado a uma foto especifica, o que nos da maior flexibilidade de personalizacao. Choose from several templates and customize widths, colors and border edges to your heart's content. These tools will help make some necessary adjustments to your photos before you start adding effects to enhance them. All the real “pro-grammers” know Instagram is actually the last step to perfect your image before you upload it to the masses. Some 40 percent of daily users of the social sharing site check their Explore page at least once a day, Instagram said, so adding the new discovery tool to Explore made sense. Unlike Instagram, Snapseed lets you fine-tune filter effects by modifying attributes like brightness, saturation and texture strength.Read our full review of Snapseed for Android here. VSCO Cam comes with several free filters and also offers filter packs for purchase in its shop.Read our full review of VSCO Cam for iOS here.
But the neat thing about Darkroom is that once you've adjusted a filtered photo to your liking, you can go back to the filter menu and create your own filter with those adjustments included. The app comes with nine filters, which are actually just three filters with three variations each, but you can purchase additional filters in Litely's store. Darkroom offers more advanced editing tools for an upgrade, as well as extra filter packs (sold separately in the app's store).Read our full review of Darkroom for iOS here.

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