Tattoos can be traced back through various countries for thousands of years, and perhaps the most famous are those done by the Egyptians.
Ancient Tattoo Designs: If you wish to go with a tattoo that replicates the original ancient Egyptian designs then there are a number of symbols to choose from. Hieroglyphics: These ancient symbols make popular tattoo designs, and are great for accompanying larger tattoo designs that make use of other ancient animals.

It is an Egyptian scarab beetle with wings holding shen rings with the Eye of Horus in a sun. Tattoos can be seen on mummified remains, and have influenced designs of more modern tattoos. Whether you are doing so for a love of history or the ancient art, these designs can be as small or as large as you want.

If you choose to go with a popular Egyptian symbol thenĀ  take the time to learn exactly what it means to find a design that relates to your life.

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