Location – As of August 2015, Fade Fast Dallas has moved to a new, larger facility in Dallas, 2928 Main St, Suite 100, Dallas Texas 75226 (in the heart of Deep Ellum).
Mondays – Starting Monday September 14th, 2015, Fade Fast Dallas will be extending our schedule to be open Monday-Saturday. Although these questions aren’t foolproof, they will help to determine someone’s qualifications. One of the most common questions we get here at Fade Fast is, “How do you remove tattoos in such few treatments?” With 4,750 treatments on over 1,300 clients that brings our average down to less than 4 treatments per client. Equipment – Our laser produces twice the power of most machines presently used in the industry. As you can see in the image below, the old tattoo is completely covered by light blues and virtually invisible in the areas with no ink.
Recently we put together a study to determine how different laser wavelengths interact with particular colors and more specifically different brands of tattoo inks.
The study was also designed to further determine the interactions of each wavelength on nonstandard or mixed colors such as orange, teal, purple, etc.
High resolution photos were taken and cataloged to show each ink’s interaction for side-by-side comparisons. Thank you Sunshine for making the long trip to Dallas and trusting us to perform your laser tattoo removal procedures. The gradient laser removal project started August 17, 2007 when Adam Walsh of Hold Fast tattooed the bars on the inside of my right arm.  We chose 9 because an approximate spacing of a half-inch seemed to work well aesthetically, and 8 treatments seemed to be a reasonable estimation to remove a black tattoo.
I began treating the tattoo on September 19, 2007.  This was of course quite soon to start the removal, but the process was as much about experimentation as it was to show my clients how the process worked. The removal project ended with the final laser treatment on February 17, 2009 and the outlines tattooed on April 2, 2009.  Overall I am happy with the final product with one minor exception.
In time the bars will continue to fade and the outlines will soften.  So, in the future I will be updating the photo and possibly the story behind the project. Below you can see a step by step series of images from untreated (top left) to the 8th treatment (bottom right). It wasn’t long ago that the mention of lasers conjured up images of large-scale weapons that were definitely more science fiction than fact.
The Death Star has a formidable array of turbolasers giving it the firepower of greater than half the Imperial starfleet.

Irene Kochevar codirects research into healing surgical incisions with laser light at Massachusetts General Hospital. After removing a small ellipse of tissue from an anesthetized rabbit, surgeon Ying Wang sews the deeper layers of the wound shut with traditional sutures; the laser that the team uses does not penetrate this deep tissue and so cannot bind it together. Wang and surgeon Min Yao position a metal frame that directs a green surgical laser over the incision. Once the laser is removed, the left half of the incision remains closed without sutures; it requires no further care and will leave behind almost no scar. Removing tattoos might be our business, but removal can often mean editing an existing piece or making room for better work.
Even clients that do their research are often confused or overwhelmed by the abundance of outdated and incorrect information.
Employees of a laser clinic should never be upset answering questions regarding their abilities or their equipment. By using larger spot sizes we are able to get better penetration to break up stubborn inks. Although this practice brings in less income, the extended time actually decreases the final number of treatments.
Here at Fade Fast, if we feel that the client will not be happy with final results, we often encourage them to seek other options.
In addition, the effectiveness of infrared light (1064nm) was tested on all colors to determine the absorption rates in comparison to the standard complimentary colors. As can seen in the photo, the bars that were once straight and symmetrical, have changed shape dramatically as they were progressively treated. This achievement is especially significant in that every treatment was performed by Allen Falkner, not an accumulation of treatments by multiple technicians. The white frosting in the last photo is actually a normal post treatment response that disappears 10-15 minutes after the procedure. Another thing you might notice in the first image is that Chris lost 30 pounds since we first started.
Activated by the light, the Rose Bengal stain causes collagen fibers in the skin to link, sealing the wound. The stitches on the right half, however, must remain in place for up to two weeks and will result in small but visible cross-hatch scars.

Some are well trained and dedicated to their job, while others have very little understanding about the procedures they are performing. Most lasers technicians have dedicated large amounts of time to their training and careers. The outcome of this preliminary test identified some interesting ink interactions with every wavelength; most notably the less commonly used 585 (yellow) wavelength. It’s true that the use of lasers to damage or destroy tissue has become more and more common in the medical field.
It also means a few things have changed for clients interested in getting a tattoo removed. You should expect them to enjoy discussing the equipment, science, and the results they have achieved. Although this option is not for everyone, it is one of the fastest ways to free yourself from your bad tattoos.
Even in our business of tattoo removal, we harness the destructive property of laser energy to break down the tattoo ink so the body lymphatic system can remove the foreign particles. Mike worked on it for an hour or so today, but stopped because some of the areas are still too dark to cover. More and more people have gone through the procedure and are willing to talk about their experiences. If you feel pressured or are unsure about treatment options, take the time to get a second opinion.
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