We've set up a mailing list (over there on the side) to notify people when tutorials and patterns become available or when things are put up for auction or swap or other exciting new developments. Where do I get the patterns:Some are ones I've created and some are from books or sewing patterns. My goal is to eventually clean them all up and make them available with tutorials in some form or another. What about dolls and other items for sale:I'd always like to have something available up for sale on the wee auction.
I've made quite a few things from Japanese craft books like this patchwork bag, the scottie dog and this puppy purse. Some will be free here on wee wonderfuls -- like the wee pattern is now and this bunny doll  pattern will be soon. I get bogged down with so many projects that I have a hard time keeping up with making things for sale, but I'm going to try to make that a priority soon. I feel the standard copyright is way too rigid so I'm putting a creative commons coyright on my site.
I'd never made a stuffed animal or doll before last summer when I checked out some vintage craft books from the library. If you look at the size of the species, elephant tattoo should be inked on the back of the body.

I've listed over here all of my Japanese craft books and given some info on how to find and purchase them.
I just started following patterns and then after making a few was able to start altering them and then drawing them up on my own. I'm tring to get organized with these FAQs so it won't take me as long to return people's emails. Is usually part of a piece of square or rectangular paper, whose sides may be of different colors. Cast sculptures by Allen Eckman on white paper showing, native Indians with theirs horses, arrows, costumes and dances. This presentation is focused on artwork on native American Indians and their way of living as: Sioux ride horses, arrows and hunting buffalos. I thought I'd give some answers here and then I'm also going to add this to the FAQs on my about me page. I've used patterns from other sources like this elephant which was a pattern in a 70s craft book (Splendid Soft Toys) I got from the library or the bunnies which were from a vintage McCalls pattern (Forest Family, #5369). Some patterns will be available for free other places, like the pointy kitty whose pattern will be available on MagKnit's new sewing site, SewPretty this Fall.
The rest of my projects are from patterns I design and draw up myself, like the kitty dolls, the robots, Betsy and Daisy, the bunny doll, pointy kitty, these guys, Oscar's bunny, the quilted bag, etc.

Please let me know (hillarylang at gmail dot com) if there's anything else you'd like to see answered.
Element is such an animal that give you power and sense of stability, it becomes one of popular tattoo ideas for girls and women, of course, it’s also good choice for men.
However, Origami Japanese culture, which develops from the Edo period, is not so restrictive about these definitions.
I always say in my posts whether the pattern I use is one I created or from somewhere else. I think the creative commons copyright is a really great way to create a community of sharing and building on each others ideas without robbing people of their original work.
If you want to get an elephant tattoo, here is a collection I came across for your inspiration. For the patterns that are not mine I'm sorry but I can't send out copies because they are copyrighted and I can't distribute them like that.
Sorry to be so uptight -- it's the librarian in me -- but also I do feel that artists, crafters and designers deserve credit and compensation for their work.

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