Elephants are huge animals carrying significance in many cultures, particularly in Asia and Africa. Elephant, as mentioned above, is an animal associated with many symbolic meanings and hence has many variations when it comes to tattooing. An elephant tattoo is also considered to be sacred and holy for the animal is considered to be holy in many cultures such as the Indian. Tribal tattoos are quite popular amongst tattoo lovers, and elephant tattoo design is yet another favorite in tribal tattoos. Elephants have also been used in cartoons, and are generally quite a favorite character amongst children.
The work of eccentric Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali, meaning of a Dali elephant is quite left to interpretation. These are some of the variations of tattoo designs of an elephant, all of them quite cool and classy when actually inked.
Elephant tattoos are undoubtedly beautiful, however these designs are rather uncommon in the world of body artwork. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Anything as big, powerful and intelligent as an elephant is tied to a large part of symbolic value to accumulate, especially considering the use of elephants as the original tank. They are one of the largest and heaviest animals on land, and people have coexisted with them, because from the trees. Their huge size and usability as the war engines made them even more impressive and mythical, and historical records detailing the military use. When the elephants were symbols of European power in India and Africa, they represented wisdom, patience and good luck.
African elephants are larger, more social and less tractable, meaning that their symbolic value was different.

Ganesh, the elephant headed god of the Hindu faith, stands for power, authority and happiness. The Africans respect the elephant, while the Hindi inspired cultures of India and Southeast Asia is honored. These enormous creatures may be used to scare the ranks of enemies in war but are otherwise considered to carry quite deeper meanings. Even Pliny, a Roman philosopher considered elephants to be sacred and said that they symbolized renewal. The exact meaning of tribal elephant tattoos has been lost in time, but it is considered to be a link to our Mother Nature. Pink elephants were made famous by the American author Jack London since he used them to describe the event of hallucinating after a drinking binge in his novel. Cartoon elephant tattoos hence symbolize those fond childhood memories and times you have spent. However, an elephant tattoo supported by spider-thin legs supposedly represents men’s attempts at supporting their desires. If you truly are a fan of elephant tattoos, you may surely want to consider getting one of these variations inked on to your body. The fascination with animals far beyond their territory: stories about elephants are credited with inspiring legendary mythological beasts in Europe, Asia and Japan. It is difficult to explain how impressive elephants were in antiquity, the largest animals were cows and horses. Cultures that shared space with elephants had two general approaches of their interactions. The long life and high intelligence of the elephant was treated with a degree of wisdom and foresight, who made elephants in attractive symbols of religion and mysticism. Ganesh portfolio included protection for the believers, lighting and even the flow of prana (vital energy) and the various disciplines of yoga.

Europeans focus on the power and danger of Hannibal the elephant corps, which in many different icons and myths. Many who want to relive those fond memories and reminisce in those times would have a cartoon elephant tattoo done.
In India, where the predominant type of elephant is smaller and easier to work with, elephants were domesticated and used as working animals. Thus, the African elephant stands for both a degree of threat (elephants more dangerous to man than even the lions) and majesty (they were the undisputed top of the food). As long as the favorable relationship between man and elephant held that the Indian religion included the elephant motif in one of their most beloved figures of the god Ganesh. In Ganesh, the elephant image achieved is the most prominent expression and remains a powerful symbol in India today. Here are some 50 most creative elephant tattoo designs that you can choose from and get inked on your body. And they have a long history of interaction with humanity, of our first day in Africa to the battles of Alexander the Great to the Indian countryside. Even when tattooed, they have not just one meaning attached to them but many and quite symbolic meanings.
Strength and protection are yet other adjectives that are commonly associated with an elephant. Other meanings that are associated with elephant tattoo designs include luck, power, peace, wisdom, nobility, memory, longevity, determination, invincibility, fidelity, community, creation, determination, and happiness.
So perhaps a tattoo of these beautiful creatures will trigger awareness for their well being.

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