Sporting an ordinary tattoo has been hackneyed to the point where it has lost some of its allure. This tattoo depicting the Maltese wall lizard is very life like when it is placed on the foot as with its shades it will look as if it has crawled up your foot. This cute little elephant tattoo could be a fantastic addition for anyone who wants to portray wisdom and toughness.
This scorpion tattoo, with the blood dripping off its tail, is sure to draw some startled eyes your way.
This photomosaic would be the perfect homage to the man who laid down his life for mankind. This gambling would definitely, with its glitz and glamour, be a hit among your gambling cronies. This one is for all those who love their machines and cannot, quite literally, live without them. This entwined lattice structure tattoo would not only looks good but also looks intriguing. The size of the lizard and the wonderful shading given to it makes it hard to believe that this is quite in fact only a tattoo.
Perched on the chest, with the two lovely roses flanking it’s each side, the skull certainly looks absolutely happy.
One for the sailors and for anyone who loves ships, the hook certainly looks like as if it has pierced the flesh.
This centipede crawling across your elbow is a beautiful tattoo thanks to the fascinating color combinations. Combining the floral design with the predominant cube pattern has definitely paid off as it looks absolutely captivating. Representing the flow of life, this tattoo is simply a peach because it is as enchanting as a tattoo will ever get.
Along with the mean looking red-eye, the gangly spider tattoo also has a very realistic shadow accompanying it.
This unique and beautiful tattoo truly tests an artist’s talent as its intricate design patterns require great care and adroitness. This tattoo not just represents the two sides of human nature but is also the perfect tattoo to garner some appreciative attention.

This jet black tribal tattoo has a universal appeal that just does not wane with the passage of time. With its hip colors this 3D graffiti tattoo elicits the illusion of it jumping out of the skin. These tattoos are so life like and are so much in style that it would be hard for anyone not to be bewitched by its charm. Spider Tattoo is giving sexy look to her hip,very creative idea’s thanks a lot Daniel Josh.
Wow these Intriguing 3d Tattoo are amazing some are really looking scary and some are looking beautiful and some are looking cute and fashionable i love these 3d tattoos.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Now henna designs are not only restricted to the wedding events rather their usage and following has extended a lot. You can have various artistic designs in henna tattoos; you can go for symbols and spiritual designs as well.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But it is only now, just like the films, that it has received mammoth attention as well as a burgeoning list of admirers.
With the phantom skull imprinted on to the abdomen of the spider, this spider tattoo ensures that it stays so that way.
It’s originality is so surprising that you yourself might be fooled into believing that you are a superhero. The mouse, the machine and the other hundred little things inked are done so with extreme care and poise. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. It has more become a decorative tool for your beauty and it doesn’t require any special event rather it will surely make your ordinary day the special day. The body art with henna tattoos designs depicts the cultural values, traditions and modernization as well. The style, the shade, the originality and their ability to turn heads no matter what makes it a much sought after tattooing technique.

They are marked as intriguing since they look naturally true especially the first picture of this collection. The mehndi is preferred for this art because the other artificial chemicals for various body designs are really dangerous for your skin as they can cause skin allergy as well.
Henna was primitively used to color your nails, hair, clothes and skin but now the artistic emergence of the henna tattoo designs has made it the wow factor for your celebration. There are many advantages of using henna designs as it is cheap and easily available not only this but it is natural dye and it is not going to harm your skin. These tattoos are normally done in big sizes but that does not mean that the small ones cannot be equally eye-catching. Beauty adds confidence, glow and smile in your personally and so does the attractive henna tattoo designs.
In short it will not wrong to say that henna designing in various forms and textures is the oldest known art. This unique creativity and art is definitely going to make you appreciated in your parties and events.
The color variety that you can have in your henna tattoos is obtained with the amalgam of tea, cloves, lemon, coffee and indigo leaves with henna paste. But with the passage of time this art has blended with the modern techniques and appeared to be extraordinarily beautiful in its present form.
Still, after all is said and done, the hardest thing is to find an artist who is skilled enough to do a dandy job that will make you purr like a cat. Thus you can still have a wide range of color contrasts although as compared to the artificial ways this color combination is not sufficient to cater the increasing demand. Henna Mehndi Tattoo Designs For Arms. The traditional view is that if you really want to have the brightest color and great hue of your henna designs then do apply oil and sugar on your mehndi as it gives the strong color impact which lasts for longer time.

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