Upper Left Arm Tattoo :Eminem got this tattoo as a mark of respect for his uncle, Ronnie Pilkington, who committed suicide back in 1991. The gothic bracelet on his left wrist has no particular meaning, because Eminem forgot about the original meaning of the bracelet.
But like other white rappers who have taken a beating in the credibility department, Eminem hopes to attain the street cred that has eluded his Caucasian counterparts. I don't think I take the beef as seriously as they do, because I don't consider them artists.
When you were starting out on the Detroit hip-hop scene, it wasn't necessarily easy for you to get a lot of respect from your peers.
Was it because you went to a different spot or was it that you were getting better at rhyming?
I think it was something a little different about me; I started growing up and I just got better. The thing that's missing in hip-hop today is that very few people have anything interesting to say.
Some songs take longer than others to write, it just depends on what type of mood I'm in or what I'm thinking at that time.
He had his positive songs, negative songs, angry songs, just whatever mood he was going through at the time. Kid Rock said when you write your lyrics you don't write them in paragraph form--they're just all over the page. This is not a dis, but have you ever talked to anyone about your thoughts, like with a therapist or whatever? I do a lot of crazy sh-t that maybe normal people wouldn't do, but I don't know what the f--k is normal. I go through phases with my daughter's mother constantly--we've been going off and on for nine years--different phases of our relationship where I want to kill her.
Even though you've been working underground for years, now that you are well-known, why would your next album be your last? What do you think about the idea that you're the one rap artist that's bringing Dre back to prominence? When you say Dre saved your life, do you mean you would have left hip-hop all together and found something else to do? I've been in there pretty much from the beginning, just being involved, giving my input, writing, doing whatever I can do to make the sh-t hot.
To be linked with one of hip-hop's best producers, what does it say about you sticking to your guns and not giving up or changing what you do, when you thought people wouldn't accept you? I think that's why people do accept me because from Slim Shady EP to LP, I haven't changed sh-t.

I f--k around with my friends and crew members and sh-t, but as far as me going out and getting in a battle with MCs, I'm a marked man. I'm not mad at them--Backstreet Boys, or whatever--they're just doing whatever it is they do.
Eminem was sporting a new tattoos that featured his best friend, hype man and fellow D12 member Proof. Eminem was much closer to his uncle, who first introduced him to HipHop, than anyone else in his family and often includes uncle Ronnie in some of his lyrics. Now that he's riding high on the success of his major-label outing, The Slim Shady LP, Eminem is starting his own label to further the careers of his fellow Motor City rappers and is even thinking about an acting career. Is it a coincidence that artists like you, Kid Rock, and Insane Clown Posse--groups that are totally different musically--come from the same region? It might take a while, but I write on a sheet of paper, scattered ideas, words and metaphors.
My sh-t is like therapy for me, not only when I'm writing it, but also when I'm in the booth saying it. Every time I hear critics talk sh-t about me, when they dis me, they only egg me on and they only make me madder.
I don't know if you ever felt like you wanted to kill someone, but there have been times, literally, where I want to kill her. I realize that no matter how crazy I act onstage or how wild I may get, there's got to be a limit. Like in Animal House, the dude was about to rape the girl, he had a devil on one shoulder telling him to do it and an angel on the other telling him not to. Everybody knows everything about me, and I wouldn't know anything about the person I'm facing off against. The East Coast is predominantly known for lyrics and the West Coast is predominantly known for gangsta sh-t, you know what I'm sayin'? I don't care, it's funny to me, because if I say my f--king brain fell out of my skull, and they believe it, what's wrong with them?
MC Proof was the first one who turned me on to the first album, when the second album came out, I thought it should have gone double-, triple-platinum, but it was so ahead of its time that people didn't understand. I try not to f--k with mushrooms that much any more because that sh-t gets me too out of my mind. As I started to rap, the boos just got louder and louder and louder until I just got off the mic. When I wrote that, I was summing up my whole years of grade school, junior high, high school. I do it purposely so that if a rhyme sheet is lost, whoever finds it won't know what it means.

That's what I've found just on a street level--fans, and people on the street--they either can't stand me or love me for telling the truth and saying what's on my mind.
Now, you've got underground kids talking sh-t about me like I'm a pop artist because I made one song that was catchy.
My thoughts, what I write, I think other people think a lot of the same sh-t, I just think they don't say it. It may sound biased, but I'm really trying to kick open the doors for Detroit--to put Detroit on the map full-blown.
Kid Rock, Esham, and myself are influenced by both coasts, so when you blend the two of them together, you get some different sh-t. The first time I ever got respect was the first time I grabbed the mic at the Hip-Hop Shop.
That was what I was known for in Detroit, in the underground for a couple of years before all this happened. But when I write a story, I don't want the sh-t to get boring, so I lay down the truth as the foundation and then mix it with a little imagination. I may think a little bit different than the average person, but how I act, dress and carry myself, I think it's normal.
I had said some sh-t and people was quiet at first, then cheers and applause, and it got louder and louder.
If I come across a dope MC from another town, I'll put them on the label, but Detroit has been struggling for years. I'll have to see what happens with the next album, then I can make a decision, but right now, I really can't. At the end of the song, I felt I was losing the battle, so I felt I had to take pokes at him.
But it will be some bugged-out sh-t: how Dre sees my life, how he thinks I was conceived and sh-t. But my delivery and the way I say things across the mic, I make sure that sh-t is perfect, for me, so I can listen to it a million times and not find a flaw in it.
I was reaching a boiling point, doing a lot of drugs and f--ked-up sh-t because I was so depressed. My album is underground as f--k, but the single blew up, people heard it and bought the rest of the album.
So when I say Dre saved my life, I mean he literally saved my life, and I feel like I owe him a lot.

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