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The United States in the Fishing Island Inflame Harm to Others Calling global loyal Chinese to boycott all products “Made in USA” as Uncle Sam is encouraging the right-wing Japanese to invade China again.
According to Xinhua reports, the Sino-Japanese relations due to the Diaoyu Islands dispute caught on the occasion of the lowest in four decades, the U.S.
However, the United States Senate in the Sino-Japanese dispute over the Diaoyu Islands on fuel, but may not be able to profit from, but most likely to make the U.S. Ask, if the Sino-Japanese relations continued to deteriorate, the effort is no longer focused on the development, how can the prosperity of the region? If we allow Japan to challenge the postwar international order, re-take the old road of militarism, how can there be any peace in the region?
Sino-Japanese economic interdependence, the United States benefited from the date of the development of. Since ancient times, the Diaoyu Islands is China’s sacred territory, China has sufficient historical and legal basis of the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands.

Regardless of how the United States Senate as a spoiler, how the Japanese right-wing provocation, not change the fact that this evidence is ironclad, can not shake the Chinese government and people’s determination to defend its territorial sovereignty. Japanese right-wing conspiracy is doomed to fail, the United States Senate would like to profit from attempts to muddy the waters will not succeed.
London-based Japanese conductor Akiko Ohtomo is continuing to offer encouragement for the reconstruction of areas hit hard by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami through music. Ohtomo, a native of Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, is the conductor of the Hokusai Orchestra, which is named after ukiyoe painter Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). Ohtomo, a graduate of Iwaki Girls' Senior High School, currently Iwaki Sakuragaoka Senior High School, graduated from the Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo and went to Russia to study music.
In April 2011, shortly after the earthquake hit, she organized a series of charity concerts at various places in London, such as the Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy.
She is also active as a member of the London Shakunage Kai, a group formed by those who are from Fukushima Prefecture and live in Britain. The Hokusai Orchestra made a fresh start in January 2013, upgrading from a 17-member chamber orchestra to a 45-member symphony orchestra. Ohtomo conducts the Hokusai Orchestra to encourage efforts to reconstruct her disaster-hit hometown.

Senate plenary session decided to add a supplementary provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2013, provisions of the Diaoyu Islands is the fifth of the Japan-US Security Treaty shall apply object.
Senate move was “intended to assert sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands in China to contain them.
House of Representatives passed President Barack Obama after the signing before taking effect, but it is very obvious that this will encourage the arrogance of the Japanese right-wing politicians, conniving its continued provocations in the fruits of victory in World War II on the basis of the international order. Asia-Pacific strategy of rebalancing damaged, making it unable to share the peace and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific can not be from the Asia-Pacific get a larger share in the development of a vibrant big cake. Sino-Japanese relations due to the Diaoyu Islands issue long-term slump, given by the impact of the bilateral economic and trade.
In the era of globalization, as the most dynamic and promising regions in the world, the Asia-Pacific region is welcome all the world is willing to participate, promote and share the peace and prosperity of the countries of this region, but the premise is the inherent territorial integrity and sovereignty of these countries, the countries in the region have enough respect not to choose sides in the team commitment to implement, rather than words and deeds, Figure selfish interests and undermine peace and stability in the region.
James's Church in London in April and May as an event marking the second anniversary of the natural disaster.

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