Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Would you like to create a tattoo like this then please feel free to use our cool tattoo designer tool and please share your end product with your friends. Richard Colson Baker was born in the great state of Texas in 1990 to missionary parents who frequently traveled around the world. Machine Gun Kelly , also known as MGK, launched his career by winning back-to-back victories at Harlem’s Apollo Theater in March 2009.

The Full Frontal:Women In Body PaintIf you have been to any fair, carnival or sporting event you have probably seen the most used form of body painting – face paint. Larissa Joy Waters was born February 8, 1977 and is an Australian Greens Senator for Queensland. Due to this he lived his first 4 years of his life in Egypt and actually spoke Arabic before English. Continuing with the momentum he was featured on MTV2’s Sucker Freestyle and eventually released two mix tapes.

At the tender age of 4 he started listening to rap and at the age of 14 he finally moved to what he considers his home town – Cleveland. 2011 has been his most successful year with the signing to Young and Reckless (clothing line) and joining P.

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