The colors of the wallpaper fit so well, light blue and white, the world is clean and pure, without any dirty spots. This entry was posted in Cartoons&Anime and tagged background cartoon free, blue flowers, blue white wallpaper, car white background, cartoon flowers background, clean wallpaper, flower cartoon wallpaper, flowers background, flowers cartoon, Free Cartoon wallpaper, light blue background, light blue car, light blue wallpaper, light color wallpaper, wallpaper cartoon. A clip art cartoon illustration of a nasty looking germ, virus or bacteria with an evil looking face and colorful blobs and bumps over it's body isolated on white background. Cartoon vector illustration of evil money hungry man in suit, mafia, dealer, banker, loan shark, firm boss or politician. He was created in one form or another collaboratively by Randy Schueller, David Michelinie, Mike Zeck, and Todd McFarlane in 1984 as the symbiote and 1988 as Venom. At the time of Spider-Man's first appearance in New York Eddie Brock is already an active freelance photographer. Eddie is, at first glance, an exact opposite to Peter Parker in almost every way imaginable--He dresses in spiffy designer clothes, uses enormous hair product, rides a motorcycle and seems progressively tanned.
After losing his job and his reputation for forging a photo of Spider-Man robbing a bank, Eddie saw Peter with Gwen Stacy and was as depressed as ever.
Brock, now re-born as Venom, traveled around the city web-slinging and swinging in Spider-Man's own style, looking for the real Spider-Man himself. Peter remembered that it was the loud clanging noise and the vibrations from it that made the symbiote creature scream and grow weak.

His working for the Daily Bugle and frame-up of Spider-Man bears similarities to his 1990 counterpart and both get fired as a result, but unlike his 1990 he goes to the side of outright evil while his 1990 counterpart redeemed himself and became an ally of Spider-Man. Originally, Sam Raimi didn't want to include Venom in the movie as he wasn't a fan of the character.
In the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of the video-game, he and Spider-Man falls from the construct site, but Spidey saves himself and leaving Venom falling above metal tubes, which pass through it, killing him. In the Game Boy Advance version of the videogame, Venom falls from the construct building with Spider-Man. In the mobile phone version of the game, Venom was defeated by Spider-Man, but he escapes when Spidey saves Mary Jane.
While mulling over what to make of Spider-Man, The Daily Bugle editor Robbie Robertson is heard remarking "Eddie's been trying to get a picture of him for weeks". Peter put on his old traditional blue and red Spider-Man costume when he heard of her disappearance. Then, Harry sacrificed himself to save Peter and Mary Jane during the ensuing fight, Venom stabbing him with his own glider, similar to how Norman Osborn died. Eddie, knows what was about to happen, he ran towards to the symbiote, he got caught and killed, in the explosion.
However he was pushed by Sony to include Venom as a sort of fan service, although Venom's lack of screen-time (as Brock didn't take up in the alter-ego until the last half hour of the movie) wasn't well received by most fans.

The villains were planned to be Electro and the Lizard, but finally, Electro and Lizard are cut from the film and Venom and Sandman appeared as the antagonists though Lizard appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man movie while Electro appeared in the sequel. Oh yeah, I know all about you, like the fact that Spiderman won't let you help your poor daughter. The Sandman attacked Venom, believing him to be Spiderman, but Venom proposed that the two of them form a partnership to kill the web-slinger, which the Sandman agreed on. Upon arriving at Venom's trap, Peter attempted to plead with Eddie and warned of the dangers of the black symbiote, and the unholy being it made its wearer. Peter was at the top of the bell tower attempting to tear the symbiote suit from his body and with the help of the bell's thunderous chimes, the suit seemed to be shrieking in pain. Peter ripped off the symbiote, and as it fell, it landed on Eddie, transforming him into Venom. But then Peter's friend Harry Osborn came blazing onto the scene to save Peter, in his New Goblin gear. However, after the cancellation of Spider-Man 4 and the reboot of the Spider-Man theatrical franchise, Sony cancelled and scrapped the spin-off, leaving the unknown Venom's fate.

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