I love creating lots of different looks for Halloween and I wanted to do something more wearable for a party or event. Prep the skin and make sure it is thoroughly moisturised other wise your white make up will go patchy. Apply your white base, I used Illamasqua’s Skin Base Foundation in 01 (pure white) because their foundations have a beautiful formula!
Powder your base, I used a translucent powder but a white powder would be perfect to use as it would even out the colour. To contour, I used a deep pink on the cheek bones and gently buffed it in swirling to get a subtle colour. To highlight, I took MUA’s Pearl eyeshadow in Shade 2 and swept it across my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and on my upper lip. Using black eyeshadow and a round blending brush I swirled the brush in the inner corner of my eye and blended outwards and down my nose. I lined my eyes with MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack however a glittery black liner would look beautiful!

Line your lips with black gel liner, you want to create a rounded shape making your lips smaller and curl up slightly on the edges.
Using Barry M’s Lip Lacquer Crayon in Cherry Red which is a really nice sparkly red colour, apply to the lips and blend into black. Tagged: makeup, make up, make-up, beauty, fashion, Halloween, halloween costume, halloween ideas, halloween make up, geisha, geisha make up, geisha lips, illamasqua, illamasqua pure pigment, illamasqua pure pigment berber, berber, berber pure pigment, false lashes, false eyelashes, lips, lipstick, red lips, 3d lips, black and red lips, glitter, glitter brows, glitter eyebrows, eyeliner, winged eyeliner, mac, .
Feudal FemmeIn Japan, a true Geisha is a member of a time-honored and respected class of professional women whose traditional occupation is to entertain men. A feudal noble arriving for a night of entertainment with a courtesan many times leisurely dined or listened to music and generally relaxed before his sexual encounters. The real Geisha class of professional entertainers was almost non-existent by the time any G.I.
It is quite an accomplishment for the unique Geisha, the only one of her kind in human history: several hundred years after her birth, the Geisha still has a mystical power to enchant. It was the very discretion with which the Geisha profession conducted itself that led to its ultimate denigration.

Although sexual activities may incidentally occur during the course of her employment, the Geisha is not required to, nor expected to, have sex with her patron.
Some of the women were renowned poets and calligraphers (the delicate work of calligraphy was an esteemed art form). As the rest of the 18th century wore on, most of the Geishas gave up prostitution and focused solely on entertaining, much as the male geisha did. She normally has deep red eyes, though with her superior control over her power she can change her eye color anytime she wants.
She normally has deep red eyes, though with her less than superior control over her power she can change her eye color for very short spurts of time. Currently her known powers are mostly good, healing and growth were her primary powers though she's grown to be able to control water, ice, earth and fire.

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