The eye tattoo ideas presented in this site include both 2D and 3D images and can be worn in different body parts.
The Egyptian “Eye of Horus” or the “Eye of Ra” is a very popular eye tattoo and is deeply associated with the mythology of Osiris and Seth. In Christianity, the eye represents the all-seeing “Eye of God” which can look into the souls of all men and women. Though many may shudder at the thought of getting this design on any part of themselves, the fact is that the devil can make a great visual impact. Known to have several forms ranging from the heart breakingly handsome to having animalistic characteristics, the number of design possibilities is undoubtedly immense when it comes to tattooing.Apart from the big evil man himself there are many designs to go with. The eye can also be used to represent intuitive skills, and thereby one’s ability to see through the veil of time into the future.

Other meanings that are commonly associated with the symbol of eye include life, focus, protection, clarity, soul, vision, guardian and unique perception. Putting what you believe in and like in an art form that is both personal and publicly visible?On the other hand another way to go about getting a tattoo dedicated to the evil side is showing the contrast of good on the one hand and the evil on the other.
This means you are telling people that there are always two sides to a thing – good and evil and that one would not work without the other. We can also use the tattoo design to denote that we believe in the great and delicate balance of good and bad that makes this world go around.Yet another way of going for a tattoo design is to make something that looks innocent and sweet on the surface to have evil undertones.
We always believe that these creatures are divine and have a lot of mystical and magical powers.
But their underlying need to create some confusion and mischief and misleading people lends them an undertone of evil.

There are also many angels who though original heavenly, have fallen off their pedestal and gotten into the evil ways.
These sort of designs make for fascinating body art.To get the one evil tattoo design that you like, you can do some research and decide on whether you want to go the whole hog on an evil subject or would like to go for something more subtle but equally effective!In order to present something horrifying, we are presenting some more examples of Bad Ass Evil Tattoo Designs.

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