Follow me and I will lead you into a world of erotica, beauty, mystery and sometimes strangeness. Earlier this week, an owner of over 50 exotic animals let them all loose to fend for themselves and terrorize the local town of Zanesville, Ohio, located fifty miles east of Columbus.  Terry Thompson was the name of the man who owned all of these exotic animals and kept them on his 73 acre farm. The local authorities were in a panic to protect the residents and shot and killed the majority of the animals.  The dead included 18 rare Bengal tigers, six black bears, a baboon, a wolf, 3 mountain lions, 17 lions, and two grizzly bears. The Sheriff and his deputies are getting threatened and abused by people for the decision to kill these animals.

So, a Zanesville tattoo artist felt he wanted to do something positive in the wake of such a tragic week in his town. Animals are mistreated, abused, neglected, and kicked to the curb when their human decides they can’t deal with them.
I’m an animal lover and I at first I felt the same – but then you have to look at it from their view point.  Every resident was in jeopardy and time was critical.
Billy White, from Downtown Tattoo, donated money he made doing tattoos of exotic animals during the days that followed the tragedy.

It sucks but they put human life before considering that the animals were just doing what animals do.

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