Remember, if you are interested in eye tattoos, these are a high-risk procedure that should only be attempted by those with significant experience and training. Anyway, click above for the published interview or keep reading after the break for the unedited version that is longer but probably full of typos.
While searching for those products (and there are a zillion websites selling them), I also saw so many places selling surface bars and other items that used to be hard to get. A customer asked me to order them some custom stones for a recent order, and along with their request I got some others in stock. These next ones are 8mm rainbow topaz and are also quite intense — they are iridescent across various blue, green, and turquoise tones that are hard to capture in a still photo. Also in black, I ordered a bunch of 8mm high dome black onyx round cabochons, which are basically half spheres.
I have some more cabochons on order, so in a week or so I hope to do some more experiments.
There are some treatments for removing these color spots, which actually is making me reconsider my proclamation that eye tattoos are 100% irreversible. As you may know, my blue eyes are at least in part inspired by the Eyes of Ibad that the Fremen of Arrakis (ie. These pictures in this entry were taken on day three, about 48 hours after the procedure, and at that point all swelling and irritation was already long gone — in fact it was gone 12 hours later, or when I woke up the next morning. It’s an incredible amount of abuse and pain for the average person to go through, let alone some experienced tattooed pain pig. They contain a mix of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine, and seem to work by penetrating through the tattoo punctures — so in theory the tattooing hurts at first, and then quickly numbs. Most of these will be in the shop soon, and I always like making custom stuff for people so please let me know if something you see strikes your fancy.

I got these largely as an experiment as I’ve never worked with them before, and wow, do I ever love them.
It’s a very beautiful touch, and I feel like my work is getting better and better with time. I have some really neat looking pyrite ones, some blood red almandine garnets, some green malachite, some very psychedelic glittering opal, some turquoise chrysocolla that looks like a planet, some pearly moonstone, and some stunning lab-grown star sapphires. So, by association, that means that by getting another eye tattooed onto you that you’ve got another soul window handy. It’s absolutely crazy idea as it creates creepy effect that people around you may be frightened.
I believe this is in part Howie’s experience, and in part how light we went with the procedure. Like I said, I got a few different different products, so I will try them each and post my review and feelings about them. To the best of my knowledge it has not yet been released in English, so there’s just the pirate version I just linked to. While there are some fairly boring eye tatts getting about we’re not interested in them today. She shocked everyone with random body-parts painted of different limbs, and also, with some really amazing! These have been treated by laser and other therapies very successfully and I suspect that some of that could be applied to voluntary scleral tattooing as well — and if you can laser these off, perhaps you can laser off a tattoo on the eye as well. I made a couple of rings using them as eyes that’ll go into the shop in the next day or two.
Prepare to get freaked out with this kooky collection.Of all the tattoo designs that you see around you, one of the most intriguing ones is the tattoo that has an eye or eyes as part of the design.

Eye tattoo design can depict the eye by itself in a simple and ordinary manner or show art that portrays the eye in various forms. Maybe taking the pain was important the first few times, but at this point I don’t think I have anything to prove and to be honest, I have too much pain in my life already. According to the tales behind this, it is supposed to date back to the war between Horus and Seth over the throne. Since Horus possessed the left eye of the moon and the right eye of the sun, he was the victor, though he lost his left eye during the course of the battle. As Horus is also called the God who has the falcon head and the eye is also based on the eye of this bird, it makes for a great design.
In each culture whether today or in the past, there are many allusions to the eye and what it means. In the people who follow the christian faith, there are references to the Eye of god and is supposed to mean the eye that sees it all.
That is outside and also within our innermost selves.There are also references to the third eye which is supposed to denote an extra sense of perception. This eye symbolizes the ability to intuit and understand things that are not visible normally.
Ensure that you pick a tattoo artist who will be able to do justice to the design you want.

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