MelAus PartnersHAPPY FACE SAD FACE TATTOOSMost liked smile now, cry later or happy found the tattoo .
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Old School Tattoos, Tattoo Ideas For Men, Black Light Tattoos and Japanese Sleeve Tattoos. Blood oozing from a spider web with a geometrical figure pasted over it on the side of chest.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.

They were a symbol of religious and tribal culture in earlier times but today they have become a part of looks. They have movie characters, mythical figures, bohemian designs and patterns and much more as the variety they offer.
Below is a medley of twenty five badaas tattoo designs for the rough and tough street smart youth. One can easily find them sporting various designs and images on their body parts as they get tattoos inked.

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