The ‘faith’ tattoos presented here look great on both men and women, and can be worn with any look. Beautiful tattoos in blue ink influenced by vintage ceramic patterns by tattoo artist SirLexi Rex, Lo and Behold Tattoo studio in Olympia, Washington.
Today’s feature girl is the beautiful ink addict Rachael, she is in the buying team at Topshop, she loves art and lives in London. Her fourth (and one of my faves) is her heart, locket and flower design, on her lower back, so beautifully feminine against her skin.
Her sixth piece, again another Modern Body Art masterpiece, is her treasure chest with the word Agape.

Her seventh piece is the writing on her neck, this is a love piece and her boyfriend has the same design.
They carry a text that simply reads ‘faith’, but can have immense personal significance for those who wear them. Chris was also lucky enough to ink her for a third time, this time her right wrist and a very feminine flowing garden vine design. Rachael liked this one so much she got Dawny to do her fifth arm piece, inspired by all the things she loves.
It can also have a spiritual connotation, wherein a strong faith is put on God or The Almighty.

Faith tattoos can be worn in different styles, and they offer ample opportunities to add your personal touch to them.
You may experiment with the font style, size and color, apart from combining your tattoo with other symbols such as stars, music notes, birds, butterflies, etc. Sometimes people may also choose quotes with the word ‘faith’ on them, such as “Keep the Faith” and “Live through Faith”.

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