The tattoo sleeves are basically arm tights with tattoo patterns on them, they come in Traditional, Tribal, Japanese and Celtic designs.
Hah, it got me when I scrolled by it, I didn’t realize what it was until I read the title!
I would like to think that only a Homo or some kind of loser would ever wear those ridiculous fake tattoo panty hose things on their arms.
If you want an arm full of ink without the pain or longevity you can now get fake complete arm tattoos.

These would be awesome for a halloween costume, but i don’t want to get the cheap ones that look too fake. Their artwork is created by illustrators, painters and tattoo artists from around the globe. So now with every one getting ink done the fake sleeves are more hard core than real tats because u are flipping off society!!!! They are great under jackets or sweatshirts, or at parties where you don’t want to wear a long sleeve, but want something.

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