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I did not know, however, that life does not ask for your permission before thrusting people into your life. I was in our yard, one afternoon during the holidays, playing with a skipping rope when I heard a persistent and irritating noise. My suspicions were confirmed when an object hit my head suddenly, and then landed on the floor, bouncing until it rolled all the way to the gate.
It was a football, one of those black and white, rubber, professional-looking footballs that kids play with when they graduate from soft, rubber balls. I ignored the outstretched hand, and instead clutched the ball even more tightly, cradling it under my armpit. He must have heard me scream when the ball hit my head, and he had come to find out what was going on.  My parents had left him in charge of myself and Yemi, my younger brother, who was fast asleep. So, I took my worries to the one person in the house who would have answers to my questions: my father. My mother who was sitting at the dining table mending a hole in an old blouse she had refused to give away, thanked me with her eyes.  She looked at me approvingly when she saw me take the slippers and put them in a corner of the carpetless dining room. When I was much smaller, I would climb into his lap and talk to him, play with his face, until I fell asleep.  But as I grew older, and in his words, became a big girl, I saw those things as childish and left them for the likes of Yemi who was at that moment occupied with lego bricks in the room he shared with Tayo. I sat down on the floor beside my father’s feet and tugged at his trousers to gain his attention. Sensing that my question would take longer than one minute, and deciding that the TV held no further interest for him since the news was over, he got up and turned off the television.  Then, he resumed his former position on the single seater sofa.
My mother took to mumbling something else, and eventually took her partly mended blouse to her bedroom to finish her sewing there. Meanwhile, my father dismissed Tayo and once again, we were alone in the sitting room.  I then ventured to explain what had really happened that afternoon in my own words.

My father sighed deeply.  It was the sort of sigh that was a speech in itself, pregnant with meaning. That last sentence threw me into further confusion.  How could a person prefer a lie to the truth? Unfortunately for me, my father had reached his question-and-answer quota for the day.  He said so in plain terms when I tried to initiate another round of questions. A few months later, I heard from my parents that Tokunbo had been accepted at Federal Government College, Ijanikin, right there in Lagos. Even my parents who saw him would comment on how they didn’t know what Tokunbo was eating because he just kept growing tall like an Iroko tree. But sighting Tokunbo was so rare in the first place that these chance meetings did not seem important. Unlike Tokunbo’s mum who had a full-time gateman on duty at her house, the duties of answering the gate were shared between me and Yemi, my younger brother, since Tayo had gone to boarding school at Federal Government College, Ogbomosho. I was attending a secondary school in Lagos as a day student, and Yemi was just finishing up primary school.
That day, I answered the gate and was shocked to see who was standing in front of me.  It was Mrs.
Fall in love with someone who wants to know your favorite color and just how you like your coffee. This entry was posted in best love quotes, boyfriend, fall in love, falling in love, Flaw, future quotes, girlfriend, Happiness quotes, happy quotes, Heart, Hurt, I love you, in love, love, love quotes, perfect quote, Proud, quotes, random quotes, relationship, relationship quotes, true love quotes, Want, You and tagged beat, chest, coffee, color, fall, favorite, flaw, hear, kisses, laugh, love, loves, perfect, question, someone, think, want. We all deserve a chance at happiness, and for many, finding their soul mate and falling in love with them is how they’re able to achieve this. Thanks for viewing "Best friends falling in love quotes tumblr".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. I was about to say something to him when a head poked out from a side door.  It was my brother, Tayo.

What is it?”  he asked, tearing his eyes away from the television screen where a commercial was playing. It seemed like every time I laid eyes on him, he had grown a few inches taller and his head kept shrinking until it did not seem so disproportionate to the rest of his body. For many, the love of their life could have been a part of their life for a number of years, without them even realising it. Fall in love with someone who kisses you in public and is proud to show you off to anyone they know. Perhaps you were destined to fall in love with your best friend all along, or perhaps your soul mate and partner could also become your best friend. Fall in love with someone who makes you question why you were afraid to fall in love in the first place. Fall in love with someone who falls in love with your flaws and thinks you are perfect just the way you are. Fall in love with someone who thinks that you are the one they would love to wake up to each day.
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