We have already talked in length about Star tattoos in our previous post on the same topic. So this time we will not take much of your time and take you directly to the showcase of really nice Star Tattoo Designs.
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The cherry blossom plant has a deep symbolic significance in various Asian cultures such as China and Japan.

Tree tattoos are thus especially significant as they played important symbolic roles in various cultures of the world. Cherry blossoms only bloom for a short period of time, and so they are likened with the idea that our lives are short and we should always try to live every moment to the fullest.
They have been associated with wealth and prosperity and have also served as the emblem for Japanese Samurai. The various periodic cycles of trees have also led them to be associated with the symbolism of rejuvenation, regeneration and renewed life. They have also been linked with purity, innocence, independence, freedom, beauty, power, feminine sexuality, youth, virility, love and hope.
In certain cultures, the tree tattoo spoke of the social grouping one belonged to or the social status one enjoyed in life.
Cherry blossom tattoos are generally very bright and colorful, which makes them quite stunning to look at.

There are certain trees that are more popularly used as tattoo symbols; these include the maple tree, oak tree and pine tree. One may choose to have the entire cherry tree tattooed on their body or just have the blooms as the design. Tree tattoos can be of diverse styles, designs and color patterns, and can portray anything from a small branch to a whole tree.
Additional motifs such as butterflies, dragonflies, decorated hand fans can be added to the tattoo art to make it look more beautiful.

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