You can see from this piece he’s gifted at color as well as black and grey.  His specializes in realistic portraits and elaborate body suits. Rihanna was Bang Bang's first celebrity client, with other big names like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rita Ora and Cara Delevigne following suit.
We reached out to Bang Bang to learn the stories behind his most loved and loathed tattoos. BB: I am getting a tiger on my hand from a very famous tattoo artist named Little Dragon from Beijing. He’s been tattooing for over 16 years and is currently so in demand that he is booking 2 years in advance. McCurdy mustered up the courage to get the neck tat at 18 years old, the same age he bought his first tattoo gun.
If you want proof of Bang Bang's star-studded client list just check out his leg; the brazen artist allows his high profile patrons to tattoo his appendage, making his body a living autograph book.

He was up for the challenge, responding: "It's ironic, I'm being tattooed right now!" Scroll down for a slideshow of his own ink. I started tattooing because I couldn't afford to get tattoos as much as I wanted to, so I started looking on the internet. We would like to say thank you if you share this Dwayne Johnson Famous Tattoo Artist to other people with facebook, google plus, twitter or other social media accounts. It wasn't long before McCurdy was known as Bang Bang, quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the tattoo world today.
I bought myself a kit online when I was 18 years old and set myself up in my mother's kitchen. The ones on my neck are very defining -- people probably think they're weird because they're on my neck.
And while back in college, it might have been okay to pay homage to one of the greats with a poster print from the museum, these days when it comes to the artwork that hangs on our walls, we tend to opt for original pieces by emerging (read: more affordable) talents.

I learn from different artists, different styles, Japanese and photorealistic tattoos, black and white, and color. A few enterprising souls have found a way to sidestep the issue completely by displaying famous works of art directly on their bodies. Click through for some of our favorite examples, and if you happen to have an art-inspired tattoo, be sure to tell us about it in the comments. It's tricky to learn how to handle attention and criticism and she handles it so gracefully. I was getting bad grades at the time and my parents said if I got the honor roll I could get a tattoo.

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