We live and operate in Cincinnati, Ohio, although we make regular trips to the Los Angeles area and even to the occasional tattoo convention.
After a long hiatus, crazy life and lots of technical problems, I return to the blog with a new post! This type of tattooing is very organic and for me, to tattoo in this style is the closest the experience of tattooing ever comes to painting or drawing. We thought that we would go for a placement that was a bit unusual here and so rather than be limited to the chest only, we let this guy spread over into the shoulder as well.
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I knew that I would’nt be able to account for all of the geography of the leg in my drawing, so I was prepared to do alot of drawing on the body for this particular tattoo. Majority of peoples are interested in leg tattoo designs, especially those girls who wears a skirts or nickers.
In this blog I have two aims: by sharing some of my work as both completed pieces and progression shots of projects, I hope to give the viewer a peek into the process of tattooing. I share it with my husband, Kore- an extremely talented artist and tattooer that is a daily inspiration to me.

We were able to get this one done in a relatively quick amount of time( although any amount of time spent getting one’s ribs tattooed tends to tick by slowly!).
There is no black in this tattoo: the darkest tones in the branch are done in a dark gray, so the branch will retain a softness which will be more apparent once it heals (this photo was taken a day after the tattoo was completed). The elements represent special memories of family for the client: a composition of dogwood blossoms, a hummingbird and roses. Recently I was working on a new project for my lovely client  and  I was able to get some good shots of it, so I’d like to share them here. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last sat down to deal with the blog, but time flies and there simply never seems to be a moment to spare! I certainly don’t draw all of or even most of my tattoos on skin, but for some projects it is the most effective way to approach the design, making sure that the tattoo is complete and full and that the drawing works with the shapes of the body as much as possible.
There is quite a bit to go and this project is likely to take until late summer or fall for completion.
Over-all every tattoo image is clear and very nice, you can select your favorite tattoo style and make your lovely legs more attractive. The flowers themselves were done entirely in color with a good balance of white, pink, and red.

I do have some new thoughts and projects and perhaps some new additions for the blog, so we’ll see! Fortunately, because my client is an extremely tough guy and is able to sit for a long session for each appointment, we are making good progress each time we tackle the project. I like to use light tones in the blossoms, but it’s very important that the flowers are constructed to be as striking visually as possible, since there is no background here to lend support.
For now the client is taking a short break for a vacation, but I hope to have it finished soon!
I placed a stencil for the main body of the octopus based on this sketch and then drew the majority of the tentacles and all of the water directly on the leg, tattooing those on over the first two sessions.

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