Each of these sites offers a 1 year membership for a relatively low price, so whether you are looking for only one tattoo or think you will be getting multiple tattoo's over your lifetime, a membership at a tattoo design website is a great investment in my opinion.
Today I claim victory over Satan by putting on The whole Armour of God!I put on the Girdle of Truth! May I stand firm in the truth of Your Word So I will not be a victim of Satan’s lies.I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness!
May it guard my heart from evil So I will remain pure and holy, Protected under the blood of Jesus Christ.I put on the Shoes of Peace!
May I stand firm in the Good News of the Gospel So Your peace will shine through me And be a light to all I encounter.I take the Shield of Faith!

May I be ready for Satan’s fiery darts of Doubt, denial and deceit So I will not be vulnerable to spiritual defeat.I put on the Helmet of Salvation! May I keep my mind focused on You So Satan will not have a stronghold on my Thoughts.I take the Sword of the Spirit!
May the two-edged sword of Your Word Be ready in my hands So I can expose the tempting words of Satan.By faith your warrior has put on The whole Armour of God! The fruits of the Spirit to manifest to all who loves Him and are called according to his purpose. We want to and need to move as soon as possible, but first I need the money that is due me and my son, Victor.

Also pray for Michael who is trying to handle a business settlement for me that could be dangerous.

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