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The Feminine in dynamic relationship with the Masculine is necessary for the transformation of human consciousness that we so desperately need in our world today.
The Great Mother or Sacred Feminine archetype resides within the psyche of all human beings. As the first sign of the zodiac Aries are always at the centre of something new and exciting. This Full Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries leaves us facing the old new and finally culminating the new. Amplifying this collective pulse of life through our veins is the recent change in the direction of Pluto. Saturn in Scorpio (since October 2012) has allowed our deepest underlying emotional layers to surface, in order for us to ultimately process, ground and clear them. Now, as we Saturn moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius (personal truth), and the final in a series of Uranus Square Pluto transits conclude, we no longer need to find groups that offer security and safety, rather we will be compelled to create and lead new healing communities that unite us through sharing, inclusion and acceptance. ACCORDING TO WOMEN: Men and women were asked to choose celebrities with their preferred features.

This is the great work for all those men and women who want a very different future for all children and the generations to come. She is calling us today in her myriad forms, asking us to hear her voice of loving wisdom in our dreams and visions and to see her image in all of life.
Only then can we manifest the healing qualities of the Feminine, bringing us into balance and overcoming the divisions which separate us from our true selves, from other human beings, and from Earth.
10 Signs That You’re A Total Sco15 Things You Should Never Say to a TaurusTop storiesDo You Have Typical Aquarius Personality Traits?! We are currently being faced with all and every multidimensional aspect of ourselves as our awareness is expanded and illuminated to new extremes. We are seeing the reunion of the original forces of the universe come together a€” masculine and feminine merged together, sparking the integrated life-force within us. After six and a half months of retrograde motion, as viewed from the Eartha€™s perspective, we are finally moving out of the darkness reflected by Pluto Retrograde as its motion once again goes direct. Capricorn symbolizes the nature of structure within nature, while the Cancer archetype helps us create and nurture security. This is fundamental in how we will be bringing the next phase of our collective awakening together.

Like Ewan McGregor and Celine Dion, Aries are interested in pioneering new ways to help their fellow human beings.Usually if you are an Aries you will also be willing to put the lives and wellbeing of those close to you well above your own needs. In essence, the new direct motion of Pluto (evolution) is about finding and creating groups and structures (Capricorn) that reflect your inner heart vibration (Cancer).
This has been one of the is most significant and challenging planetary influences of our generation. This will be reflected strongly as Saturna€™s transit into Sagittarius and Jupitera€™s movement into Virgo (until September 2016) begin to reflect the new themes for our collective evolution. Aries love new challenges and enjoy taking risks (and are usually pretty successful with it too), just look at Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs for inspiration in that area! Find out which other famous Aries celebs there are here in our A-list round-up.All images from GETTY.

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