Tattooing as an art in the Philippines has become very popular.  Tattoo parlors are now in almost every corner of the archipelago. A word from the wise,  getting a tattoo is easy but getting it from a tattoo parlor that uses strict sanitation practices with their equipment given the thumbs up by the Department of Health is a MUST! Edwin Miraflores has been a member of PHILTAG for more than 14 years and has won numerous awards here and abroad.  He specializes in portrait tattoos and has been famous for first timers due to his pleasant and accommodating demeanor.
PHILTAG member Luigi Mercado is known for his intricate designs and has garnered numerous awards throughout his career as an artist. These are the tattoo artists that have established their shops in the Philippines and are slowly making it to the mainstream of Body Art Tattooing. Joy Legason is the bassist of the Filipino Indie Metal Band Barrabas and an animator by profession.  He is one of the notable underground tattoo artist in Antipolo City. Jojo Kulto is a starting up tattoo artist in Paranaque City.  He currently has no accreditation with any Tattoo groups but is gaining popularity among underground tattoo enthusiasts specially those who would like to get their first ink on their body in Paranaque.
Marcial Bicbic is a budding tattoo artist from Pasay City and has been known in his area for his henna, permanent tattoos and body piercing works.  He was also able to travel to Puerto Galera to showcase his talent in Henna Body art in 2010.

Square Stone Henna & Tattoo led by Marvin Dela Cruz is an undergound group of budding tattoo artists in Las Pinas City wherein they are known for good henna and permanent tattoos. Bring your artistic eye to a more personal level by studying the works of modern artists and painters.
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Come and experience the new style of INK by Ron Poe, Joel Poniente, Myke Sambajon, Jake Cuerpo, Stephen Ku, Bingo Manahan, Pablo Tobias, Emao Clemen, and Ces Olondriz. Their artists are all big names in the Philippine tattoo scene and are members of the Philippine Tattoo Artists Guild (PHIL TAG).
The award-winning Saliendra, who is one of the founding members of PHILTAG, is known for his keen attention to intricate details and always make certain that he is able to execute his customer’s body art ideas.
Explore literature and mythology and begin to relate sentimental things that may apply to you, into design interpretations.

The shop displays the countless first place awards in various tattoo categories that the group has garnered through the years, in both the local and international scene. He originally set up his shop at Cartimar during the 90’s and from then on, he has branched out in Timog Avenue and in SM North Edsa. It is always best to learn basic styles and techniques, and then develop an eye for the art.
Remember that a tattoo could speak about your own personal history.  This is the fun part, but by all means can be a lifelong process.
Because of the artists’ broad ability and experience, they have also been chosen to judge in competitions. He gained popularity in the industry back in the early 90s, when he tattooed the late English tattooist Ron Ackers with a portrait of Jesus Christ.  That portrait earned Sta.

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