If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Kid Ink Tattoos, Inner Lip Tattoos, Gangster Tattoos and Yakuza Tattoos. Dark sun tattoo created on the back side of the palm, looks stunning and stands for glory and pride. The cute and dark owl, wearing spectacles and sitting on the finger, creates a lovely portrait. Etched on the chest, the sun and stars represent the Filipino flag and stand for national pride. The eye of Horus and the Filipino flag carved together bring out an alluring art form on the back of the wearer. The portraits of warriors and heroes are quite popular in Filipino culture and look cool as tattoos.
Full back tattoo done on the back creates a picturesque portrait that is a symbol of Filipino pride and bravery. The American flag and the Filipino flag, carved in a crossed position, stand for the Filipino national’s pride in his native culture and love for America.
This tattoo is based on some ancient Filipino philosophy that talks about the liberation of the soul. This guy from Philippines got the lion and the sun and stars to express his sun sign and pride in being a Filipino. This script, etched on the back, is related to psalm 23 that talks about self-belief and faith in god. Forearm tattoo containing a script that speaks of some deep spiritual philosophy and creates an artful design. This popular Filipino tattoo finds favor with a lot of people and also looks simple and meaningful.

The cock and the outline drawn around it looks cute and symbolizes some deep association of the bird with the Filipino culture. This colorful and vibrant tattoo with a Filipino lettering carved on the forearm looks very catchy. The cherry blossom flowers and the cross look very graceful and create a nice Filipino tattoo. Elegant tattoo design that incorporates the sun and stars; the symbol of Filipino nationality. Another guy with the popular sun and stars tattoo done on the neck with dark ink that looks pretty bold and masculine.
Conventional Filipino tattoo showing the sun and stars, has been etched in an elegant manner on the chest. The tribal tattoos from all cultures have got a bold and masculine touch and the Filipino tradition is no exception.
This tattoo showing a warrior and the national flag gives expression to the wearer’s pride in his culture and history.
Cute and intriguing at the same time; the tattoo looks very intricate and oozes a mystic aura as well.
The man wears his love for his country with a the flag tattoo that has been carved on his chest in an elegant manner. Creative and colorful tattoo created with the sugar skull that has the Filipino flag’s three stars and sun along as well as the colors. The girl shows off her charming tattoo carved with the virgo sun sign and the sun and stars, on her lower back.
The flowers and the sun motif along with Filipino lettering looks decent and holds dear meaning for the wearer.

The simple outline of the sun and stars creates a graceful Filipino tattoo design on the inside of the arm of the guy. Filipino tribal tattoo carved with the sun and the name of the wearer looks bold and is a symbol of pride. The famous sun and stars motif looks graceful and very neat in its elegant form, carved on the arm. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. This art form has prospered and evolved to great extent since the dawn of human civilization.
The sun and the stars motif is another very famous design that people from Philippines love to get carved on their bodies.
It’s no wonder why tribal styles and Baybayin (Native Philippine alphabet) are so popular in modern day Pinoy tattoo designs. Today, we might find an extremely refined and stylish form of the body art but there is a long tradition of tattoos that runs in many countries.
Below, we have created a post that features 30 images of tattoos that are related with Filipino culture.
They wear it on their body parts to show their pride in their ancient tradition and rich heritage.

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